Munchi – Free Kuduro Promo

This one just landed in our mailbox and it’s quite appealing, folks!

I already stumbled over Munchi’s productions/remixes in a couple of mixtapes lately, including Silky Boys – Pure Solk – Moombahclart! and the Bomb Diggy Crew – Crusady of the Monkey Mix. Also getting a lot of support by Generation Bass this guy from Amsterdam is really doing an awesome job, and he is only 17!!
He is spitting out a monthly promo package always featuring a different style (Moombahton, Bmore, Baile Funk…) – and this month we got Kuduro with some wicked weird productions.

Get Munchi’s Kuduro promo pack here for free and enjoy!

Munchi also added some great cute liner-notes which I definitely don’t want to hold back from you:

Sebastian – H.A.L. (Munchi Bootleg Kuduro-More Rmx)
This was one of the first tracks i’ve posted on Soundcloud. Made this remix for the simple reason that it was my first gig and I wanted to play this track so bad. Sebastian is a beast for making the H.A.L. track. This is what I try to achieve when I try to make a balance between Dubstep/Bmore/Kuduro. Sebastian!! Thanks for giving me that inspiration man.
Kelis – Milkshake (Munchi’s ‘Tnx 2 Subeena’ Bootleg Kuduro Rmx)
Just like the title says Subeena sparked the idea. She posted a message on Twitter on how dope it actually was. I was thinking Dubstep or Kuduro so I started to f*ck around and this is the result! The whole track feels like it’s in a rush or something. This because the progress of the track is raw and all of a sudden. Like you don’t expect the beat to begin at that point, but it kinda says: ”I dont give a shit mf*cka, I just did!” Oh and for the careful listeners: THE COWBELL IS BACK!! BLAME CUMBIA!! lol! You gotta love that f*cking cowbell.
Munchi – Minigame 2010
Ahh, one of my favorite Funk tracks ever. Also finding the computervoice just in time for this track. F*ck dude, can you hear the happiness that this has caused?! I mean, do you hear the overkill in this track with the computervoice!  This shit is Kuduro with Baile Funk, B-more and a touch of Bubbling. O yeah and I couldnt resist the ‘This is Munchi’s new shit!!!’ in Portuguese. You know why? Because it is!! lol.
Steve Starks – Git Em (Munchi Kuduro Rmx)
Having this idea like instantly, from the moment i’ve heared it. I got hyped up and sh*t especially because of 2 things about this track: I loved that element of the original track that you would hear the bass stop and only hear the tics. And even more, the synth. Don’t know why, but it reminded me of that GREATNESS once known as ‘The Moon – Blow Up Your Speakers (Naffie & Chuckie Bubbling Rmx)’. Always wanted to use something like that shit, kind of reverbed and filtered. Imagine my hypedness when I finally got to do something like that! The track itself is Kuduro, but influenced heavily by B-more, Dutch House and Baile Funk. Btw, you noticed the msn sound? Just couldn’t resist it!! My bad for that. lol.
Ta Maluco
Where the first 4 we’re something that was influenced by alot of things from outside Kuduro, this is more in that minimal, straight to the point, raw Angolan style. With the only difference that it’s more cleaned up. Not too much tho, don’t make it too pretty!
DJ Pode Quebrar
The first Kuduro i’ve ever made, but I want to talk more about this subgenre. This is the Kuduro you hear here in Holland.
I suggest you look it up! Mostly made by the Cabo Verdeans from here. Check out Motafied Beatz, Lange Sjaak, D.Neves for example.
As Cachorras De Amanha
This track doesn’t make sense. It’s a cheap, annoying, weird ass track. I do have to tell you though, that I have a preference for music that is cheap and contains annoying, weird melodies. The main melody is like in the beat and is made of a slap bass sample. Using the most overused fx sounds I had available, making this -yeah i’m saying it again- CHEAP! Enjoy lol. 

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