Ayobaness Party Tour! The Sound of South African House

Ayobaness on tour! The latest of the South African house craze is touring Germany, making sure that the songs that are rocking crowds in the minibus-taxis from Durban to Pretoria, Jo’Burg to Capetown also move hips and feets in Munich, Berlin and at the festival TFF in Rudolstadt!
Tonight hardhitting basslines from the townships will shake the walls of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin. For all who don’t know: the buzzword “Ayoba” means: excitement!
And yes, we are excited indeed and totally looking forward to the threefold party tonight:
The evening starts early at 6.30pm with the first part of the record release party of the compilation “Ayobaness” presented by the Ayobaness Soundsystem live with DJ, comedian and singer Pastor Mbhobho with his huge Afro and lots of bling bling Kwaito Star “MGO“, with his Pantsula dancers from Johannesburg.
Then the worldcup game Ghana – Uruguay will be shown at 8.30pm. Afterwards the party goes on: no matter which soccer team gets kicked in the ass, Ayobaness will definitely move the audience’s asses!

You can already get into the right mood while listening to the fantastic Riddim Tropical Kwaito special or this cool mix of DJ Zhao and of course by watching this video on heavy rotation:

01.07.2010 München, Crux
02.07.2010 Berlin, Haus der Kulturen der Welt
03.07.2010 TTF Rudolstadt
04.07.2010 TTF Rudolstadt

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