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Barbie (Japan) – Kanpai Wine

Posted on 23 February 2010 by Leub

Japanese female producer duo Hemo + Moofire posted this on their Myspace.
We all know japanese people are very much into Dancehall, Reggae and Soca, but this is the first time i’ve heard a Soca/Chutney tune from Japan! It sounds like a combination of J-pop with autotune on Soca Chutney riddims for me.
That’s very entertaining.

kanpai wine / barbie japan (2010)

HEMO+MOOFIRE | MySpace Musikvideos

Myspace: Hemo + Moofire

10 Comments For This Post

  1. ashbaer Says:

    cant stop crying.. i love it! hahaha

  2. nacktmull Says:


  3. jelka Says:

    that’s too good to be true :D

  4. Julia Says:

  5. Shogun Says:

    Ahh..Ohrenkrebs, aber dennoch muss ich weiterhören….

  6. Leub Says:

    hehe, augenkrebs kriegst du vermutlich keinen …. :D

  7. Shogun Says:

    Nee, goldig die Kleine. Will auch mal nen Kanpai Wine kriegen.

  8. Shogun Says:

    augenkrebs kriege ich auf grund des hier verwendeten neongrüns :)

  9. nile Says:

    it is cool but a little embarrassing. singing all about cheering (kanpai) and opening another beer and drinking. probably made it to market some drinking and party song.. lol

  10. Leub Says:

    well i guess the most people here don’t understand japanese like me, so i can’t tell you anything about the lyrics…
    but drinking and party music sounds totally like soca to me :P

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