Ayobaness! – South African House to di World

Ayoba! This southafrican catchphrase, derived in the townships of Johannesburg and expressing excitement or appreciation, seems to be all around at the moment (remember the recent release of the same name by Schlachthofbronx feat. the simply genius Spoek Mathambo & cool girl Gnucci Banana?)
Here is another take on it:

OutHere Records just dropped a teaser EP to the upcoming Ayobaness sampler, featuring some gems of contemporary South African House. House Music is quite influential in South Africa, mainly based on the huge success of Kwaito, itself developed from slowed down house and full of influences from the typical Chicago sound paired with speeches in Xhosa, Zulu or forms of southafrican pidgin english. At least the signing of DJ Muchava by Warp Records set signs for the future of South African House Music in a worldwide context.

The EP starts off with ‘Ayobaness‘ by Pastor Mbhobho (aahemm, something like the southafrican Prince Zimboo, sporting a huge afro and wearing lots of bling bling), followed by DJ Mujava’s “Mugwanti“, another smash hit from the suburbs of Pretoria. Then we got bassy ‘Just in Time’ by Aero Manyelo from Midrand Johannesburg and DJ Steavy from Nelspruit whose ‘Ungazocala‘ offers a mix of ghetto and disco sounds.
Seems like a really nice blend of different styles and approaches, so go ahead and learn more about South African House, here is some stuff to check out:

Ayobaness – Pastor Mbhobho

We are here to play – Kliff Oday ft Vovo and Dj Steavy

Nka Mo Dira – Nutty Nys

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