Knock, knock, knock – Transmediale 2010 is taking over Berlin

Last night the kick-off for Club Transmediale in Berlin was celebrated and the next week will see again lots of concerts, panels, exhibitions and club nights connected to Transmediale and Club Transmediale, the huge festival for contemporary art and digital culture, which presents advanced artistic positions reflecting on the socio-cultural impact of new technologies.

Transmediale 10 is focussing on ‘Futurity Now’, while it’s sister festival Club Transmediale, dedicated to contemporary electronic, digital and experimental music, will explore ‘Overlap – Sound and other media’.

‘OVERLAP’ will be concerned with interfaces between music and other creative and economic fields and takes a critical look at the opportunities and risks of developments where media and creative disciplines meld increasingly together, and where previously fixed roles are now in flux.

‘FUTURITY NOW’ is understood as a concept that examines what the ‘future’ as a conditional and creative enterprise can be, that also connotes the will to counter political and economic turmoil with visionary futures. Transmediale 10 will especially explore what roles internet evolution, global network practice, open source methodologies, sustainable design and mobile technology play in forming new cultural, ideological and political templates.

Unfortunaly this years issue don’t offer that much for the Tropicalbass-head (unlike last year, which featured for example Maga Bo at a panel discussion), BUT: There’s is one absolutely BIG party which we would like to recommend! In cooperation with Man Recordings and Melt Bookings Club Transmediale put together a perfect line-up for Heat at WMF that will definitely make your liver shiver and your heart pump faster.

On the decks for the Global Bass floor: Sinden (BMORE BMORE BMORE), Daniel Haaksman (Man Recordings Mastermind), Drop the Lime, Ku Bo & Joyce Muniz (YEAH YEAH YEAH), the Munich bass bomb Schlachthofbronx (HORNS HORNS HORNS) and DJ Manaia (Kuduro etc from Portugal).

For the Dubstep area: Rustie (Glasgow Hyperdub Wonkie :)), Brackles, Loops Haunt, Falty DL and Paul Spymania.

Yepp, sounds like a night to remember. Anyways, both Transmediale and Club Transmediale always offer a lot of interesting things, panel discussions with renowned theorists as well as excellent musical line-ups. So if you happen to be in Berlin, definitely check out the Festival Programme for Transmediale and Club Transmediale and move your brain and booty :)

2 thoughts on “Knock, knock, knock – Transmediale 2010 is taking over Berlin”

  1. To be honest the party was wack. Joyce Muniz hyped up the crowd but the set was cut in the middle of the track. Drop The Lime as expected but not appreciated by the crowd. Sinden did an okay job but kinda boring and still not appreciated by the crowd. More and more people left the party so the soundman thought it would be a good idea to turn the sound louder and louder. More people left and kinda empty when Schlachthof Bronx hit the stage after 4 am.
    Dub/Breaksfloor not my cup of tea, but no party going on there either.

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