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Spoek Mathambo – War on Words

Posted on 31 August 2010 by Jelka

Another visually overwhelming video by one of my favorite artists at the moment: Spoek Mathambo, whose album just dropped yesterday, with “War on Words”. The tune is a quite dark and disturbing Dubstep track talking about lovesickness. The video imagines “the story of a heartbroken widow performing pagan ceremonies to bring her dead husbands back […]

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TropicalBass talks to: Spoek Mathambo

Posted on 03 August 2010 by Jelka

TropicalBass talks to Spoek Mathambo – this time even with a VIDEO for all the non-readers out there.

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Spoek Mathambo & Mshini Wam – Gwababa (Don’t be scared)

Posted on 29 March 2010 by Jelka

Brandnew video from Spoek Mathambo & Mshini Wam

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