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Den5hion- Rusetron EP ( Exclusive TB)

Posted on 28 June 2011 by Caballo

Den5hion releases his highly anticipated Rusetron EP, check why people are so in love with this youg producer, who some people compared to Amon Tobin ( This album is just Cumbia, tho) AMAZING and FREE

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Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 9

Posted on 08 May 2011 by Andrés

with Remixes by Max le Daron, the Peronists, Deltatron, Santos and Den5hion

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Latino Resiste: Aztlan

Posted on 22 April 2011 by Caballo

Latino Resiste: AZTLAN. Download 20 Tracks from the most representative sounds from the Mexican Underground scene. Selected by Bootlegumachine & Caballo.

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