New Albums by Max le Daron & The Fontanas

Max le Daron – Unless Tomorrow Album
Do you remeber the good times of Major Lazor ? Than youre right here. From Bruxelles to Accra on unstoppable Beatz with Guests like Bryte, Joey la Soldat, FOKN Bois and many more. Unless Tomorrow comes with 15 Tunes and a lot of free energie – Freak out!

It’s the story of global music with local specificities: a given song on the album could be sung in Mooré, one of Burkina Faso’s two main languages, over a Ga rhythm of Accra, and a kologo riff from northern Ghana. The album was produced, recorded and mixed between Accra, Ouagadougou, Kampala and Brussels, over the course of three years. It has then been fine tuned, revisited, set aside, hard drives have died and come back to life – or not, but at last, it seems to be ready to be shared. Or is it? Unless tomorrow…

The Fontanas – Capoeira Mata Um EP
over to brazilondon…new release by Movimientos….very hot and organic!

The Fontanas make an explosive return on this fresh rework of the Brazilian classic ‘Capoeira Mata Um’ originally made popular by Jackson de Pandeiro. Producer and bandleader Sam Fontanas gives fresh life to the track, transforming a 1950s Brazilian folk classic into a dance floor banger for modern times. ‘The idea behind the record was to introduce the song to a new audience’ – Bringing with it an injection of electronic fusion, tropical funk, as well as a nod to traditional forro. Former Banda Black Rio vocalist and Samba Soul legend in his own right Aleh (Ferreira) guests on the vocals, referencing the song’s Afro-Brazilian heritage, and fusing the traditional with the modern.

The EP also features another brand new revisioning of a Brazilian classic Locuras de Uma Paixão featuring vocals from Sambista Laurie Blundell & Let Drum Beat. And to complete the package there’s 3 exemplary uptempo dancefloor remixes including and rootsier re-wiring from Sao Paulo’s DJ Tahira. Closer to home via London, Tom Excell (Nubiyan Twist, Onipa) brings the fire with his blitzed out Jazz x remix. Completing the stellar line up is Reprezent FMs very own Blue Canariñho with his nu wave favela flip mix.