Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 115

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No115. Your friendly monthly Show playing this dope and crazy music. Wellcome to Cumbialandia!
The Coverart is by miniarture Artist Tanaka Tatsuya – InstagramFacebook

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1 – Besos sobre besos – Anibal Velasquez
Starting this Round Up with some Rebajadas. This Tune is from the Soundtrack of the Film Ya no estoy aqui aka. I’m No Longer Here. The Cumbia Rebajada was born in Monterrey in the 196o’s when the imported 7″ where played slowed down. You can find elements of this Sound nowadays in a lot of music production. Check the Trailer and take a look into the world of the Cholombianos. Film is available on Netflix
2 – Down Green Cumbia – J Balvin X Stereo Revuelta Rebajada
Stereo Revuelta comes from Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon
3 – Tra Tra (Kolombia Remix) – Ghetto Kids
Over to CDMX and the Ghetto Kids
4 – Príncipe Oscuro – Rolando Bruno y Grupo Arevalo
From Santa Fe BsAs comes the hyperactive Rolando Bruno with his Cumbia Trash Show.
5 – Pirueta – Sandunga
Sandunga comes from Vera Cruz MX and this Joint is rolled by La Liga Mexicana del Bass

6 – Wellcam la tridimension – FAAUNA
Tropicalypsis Now is the new 9 Track Album by the highly energetic Duo Faauna from BsAs, bringing together Cumbia and Trap, Rap, Moombahton, Zouk, House, Reggae, Global Bass. This is released on Hawaii Bonsai. Find some massive Bangers here.
7 – Mani Watali – Kakawa
The music of Kakawa gets its inspiration from the places of origin of the the cocoa plant: From Africa to South America, from Asia to the Oceanic Islands, traditional rhythms, equatorial melodies and folk rites fuse together, releasing themselves in a contemporary matrix of electronic sounds driving the audience to a libera- ting dance. Lyrics retrace the colorful sound imagery aiming to a “glocal cityspeak-ing” of a Kakawa-ian hypothetical universe.

8 – Corazón – Dvniel
The music from the Mexican producer Dvniel forces you to slow down, take in the moment be mindful of whats good for you. Songs that draw on his various musical influences, songs that were, in his words ” inspired by human evolution through unconditional love”. The Ep comes with 3 Tunes and 3 Remixes and is released by Random Collective Records

9 – Cumbialeken – Brava
With 10 Tunes between Indie, Electronica and Downbeatz comes the Compilation Music for Humans by the Bruxelles Global Hybrid Records.
10 – Yo Bailo Sola – Acid Coco
Acid Coco break with the dogma of tradition (a recurring theme in their work), the song’s female protagonist telling her would-be dance partner to leave her be, she wants to dance this cumbia alone. Breaking the same traditions that also inform their work is all par for the course for Acid Coco, a Colombian duo whose debut album Mucho Gusto will be released later this year.
11 – Escandalo – El Dusty
El Dusty is back with his newest nu-cumbia record Escandalo featuring Monophonicos. The new song features samples from Sonora Dinamita’s Disco Fuentes hit “Escandalo” and highlights the vocal stylings from the Colombian band, Monophonicos. El Dusty reflects, “This is one of my favorite cumbia Classics! I’ve teamed up w Monophonicos for the first time as an icebreaker to more cumbia tunes coming soon!!”
12 – Philthy Bailador – Philthy Dronez
One more philthy Banger from San Jose, California. Free Download on Soundcloud
13 – Aplanadora (Colombiana Mix) – Sonido Cacomix
Aplanadora Colombiana is the new work of Sonido Cacomix, who is considered the first sonidero of Argentina. After years of silence, Wakan Tanka is releasing this single, in the style of mexican cumbia sonidera with trumpet, saxophone and trombone.
14 – Late night – Birth Defects
It was late at night in El Paso when DJ Birth Defects build this Beat.

15 – Neuquén Power (Rodrigo Gallardo Remix) – Neuquén Power
With 3 tunes and 2 Remixes comes the EP Neuquén Power by Neuquén Groove released on Global Hybrid Records. Also included is the Hymn of the Region in a new Version. This comes very relaxed!

16 – Tiro al Blanvo – La Sonora Mazurén
La Sonora Mazuren is a powerful colombian septet that combines the flavours of popular latin american music with the tropical sounds of raw Bogotá, creating a ceremony in which dance and festivity take control of the audience, transporting it to the golden years of tropicalia. This Album comes with 9 Tracks
17 – Cumbia Resistencia ft. El Malo Malone – Gambeat
Ok, here comes the mighty Mr Radio Bemba, longtime Bassplayer for Manu Chao, lately often seen on the scene playing Cumbias inna Pachanga Style with his Soundsystem. He teamed up with our homie Malo Malone and the 2 Artist will rock you real hard.
18 – Rompete – FAAUNA
One more from Faaunas outstanding Album Tropicalypsis Now

19 – Le Flute – Sirhan
On this first Compilation by Bonfido Disques from Athens, Greece you will find 4 Exotic Disco and Afro Cosmic House reworks for the dancefloor. Spicy beats over 80’s analog synthesizers is what to expect. Bonfido means “good faith” in Esperanto, the first constructed universal language.

20 – Meteorito Feat. Kris Alaniz (Auma Runa Remix) – Ramiro Jota
The Instrumental for Meteorito was made by Ramiro during a Tour in Europe and was inspirated by some Afro Trap. Back at home he invited the rapera argentina Kris Alaniz, who added the Words “Te quiero más que a nadie” in Qechua. The Ep is released on New Latam Beats and comes with 2 Remixes by Tribilin Sound and Auma Runa.