Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 112

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No112. Here we go strictly with the newest and hottest releases out in Cumbialandia. Take your mix away and dont forget to donate the artists. Hard times for everyone in the entertainment section and lazy days in a time where nature grows and normally the wild dances take place. Take care, amigxs!

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1 – Civilización y Barbarie – Silvio Astier
So we are starting in Downbeatz coming from Argentinas Pampa, One Tune 4 Remixes released by New Latam Beatz.

2 – Canario – Karen y Los Remedios
Karen y Los Remedios brings together the vocals of Ana Karen Barajas, artist and art historian from the city of Guanajuato with the music of Mexico City based producer Jiony. 2 Tracks of Cumbia Downtempo released on Shika Shika.

3- Medusa – El Búho x Klik & Frik
Ramas is El Búho’s third album of original material and stands for a celebration of the art of collaboration. Featuring 19 collaborations with artists from 12 countries, the album was born organically out of collaborations, mutual appreciation or a desire to experiment and try something new. Released on Wonderwheel.

4 – Bin De Dam (feat. Menwar) – Caribombo
Born of a Colombian father and a Venezuelan mother, Carlos “Caribombo” Guillen is a percussionist, DJ and producer hailing from Maracaibo, Venezuela. Camaleon comes with 9 Tracks released on Galletas Calientes Accordingly involving singers from the Congo (Shak Shakembo), the Togo (Yao Bobby), Mauritius (Menwar), Venezuela (OCM), and the UK (Anglls), “Camalon” ranges from the Baile Funk vibes of “Cosa Buena” and the Latin Andean cut of “Sharango” (feat Rodrigo Gonzalez), to the deep Sega “Bin De Dam”, via doses of uptempo Afro-Latin house production aesthetics on “Moral Zero” or “Pacifico”, and the definitely post-pop anthem of “Warrior”.

5 – La Cumbia De Los Sinvergüenzas – Savage Project
From Malaga, Spain comes the Savage Project with a 10 Track Album filled with Global Bass Vibes

6 – Slow 2.0 – Kami Kama
From BsAs comes Kami Kama with a 3 Track EP De la Cuna a la Tumba combinig Electrocumbia and RAP.

7 – MoreNothing – Villa Victoria Sound System
Next EP comes out of the Bolivian heights of La Paz. MetaCumbia comes with 5 sad Bass Cumbias and is released on Folcore.

8 – Panda Revolution (Tommi Digital Cumbia Rmx) – Rumbaristas
Rumbaristas stands for an unbalanced lively and colourful mix of latin-american flavor, with the passion of the Balkan music. A pretty senseless mix of Catalan rumba and Sicilian tarantella, spiced up with a touch of ska, folk, reggae, cumbia and even avant-garde. Here comes an EP with the Radio Edit and 4 Remixes of the Track Panda Revolution.
9 – Big Youth – I Pray Thee (Cumbia Version Dubplate Mix)
Guaro International with a new Cumbia-Dub direct from their mixingdesk to make you skank inna ReggaeCumbia Style.

10- El Extravagante – Revolucion Tropical
Inspired by psychedelia, surrealism and referring to the theories of quantum physics about multiple parallel Universes, the EP ¨Multiverso Tropical¨ was born with 5 songs that play with the aesthetics of the Amazonian Cumbia sound, Psychedelic Rock, Dembow and Acid, 100% for the dancefloor. Released on Hawai Bonsai.
11 – Philthy Dronez – Cumbiarona pa la raza
Also we got another new Cumbion from Philthy Dronez from San Jose, California.
12 – Tepito Style – Sr Ortegon
From Cali, Colombia comes Sr. Ortegon with MC Manfree

13 – Espinal (Versión Corta) – Derrok
From Santiago de Chile comes Derrok with a new 6 Track EP Espinal ready to Chill away and living andean dreams.

14 – Amazonia (Real Cumbia Activa Remix) – MERU & Bial Hclap
We are very happy to release this 5 Track EP by MERU and Bial Hclap on TropicalBass. Find Latin Funk, Cumbia and House inna chilled danceable Mood. Read more bout the release here.

15 – (Al Otro Lado De) La Muralla – Biomigrant
Biomigrant – Las Américas is a collection of stories, told more through sound than words; a collage of field recordings, original instrumentation, and carefully constructed beats that explore the beauty, pain, contradictions, and joy of everyday life on the American continent. The Album comes with 9 Tracks and is relesed on Frente Bolivarista.
16 – Me Gritaron Negra (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Victoria Santa Cruz
This piece became prominent because of its social commentary on race, racism, and prejudice amongst the Latinx community in regards to Afro-Peruvians. Here comes a Remix of the Poem by Tribillin Sound.
17 – La Rosa Blanca (PaloSanto Edit) – Hugo Blanco
New Edit by PaloSanto.

18 – La Libertad – Lascivio Bohemia
Bass Monks is the new 12 Track album by Lascivio Bohemia from Quito, Ecuador released on Edmond Records.

19 – Los Envidiosos – Conjunto Papa Upa
Libre para Amar is the new Album by Amsterdam based Conjunto Papa Upa released on Names you can Trust filled with Afro-Caribbean psychedelic soul and other Voodoo.