Amambay 100000 – Organic Neon Roots Mixtape

AMAMBAY 100 000 is an electrovisual musical universe motivated by the search for a flash of meaning, for those things that only exist between the fight, in the shiny instant of a crush. Truth is in the contradiction, in the dialogue between oposite ideas, for that reason this audiovisual project feeds itself like a hungry nature from the most actual musical identity and the deepest cultural roots.
The result is a trip from the analogical and organic Barrio to the electronic universe, where folkloric singings of the Original Communities from Latin America are accompanied by the tipical Cumbia Acordeón and the voice of the Neon Bass.

AMAMBAY 100 000, is like an alien jungle, is a living organism always waiting for transformation and reinterpretation. Never remains quiet, never remains the same.Organic Neon roots

The Mixtape is presenting Songs from their last Album Volá released on Hawai Bonsai and a lot of more stuff.