Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 111

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No111. So this are really serious times, planet earth is closed for Tourists but Im sure this is not the end.

This time the Coverart comes from Paula Duro. You will know that style from Chanchas Covers. Find more Art here

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1 – Canto de Boga – Francisco Torres
This comes from the 13 Track Album Dinastia Torres – Los Duendes de la Marimba released on Palenke Records. The Torres Dinasty is a family of traditional musiciens from Guapi, Cauca, in the pacific coast of Colombia. Pacho and Genaro Torres are two legendary musiciens, they build marimbas and traditional instruments in their home near the river. This album was recorded in their legendary house, the temple of marimba, and feature their best songs. This is mystical Currulao music from deep into the jungle of the pacific coast of Colombia. PALENQUE RECORDS
2 – La Playa – Tito y la Liga
Meanwhile in BsAs. Check the Video
3 – Lleve Naranja – Amantes del Futuro
Over to CDMX and a new Tune by Los Amantes del Futuro. Classic Tune re-released.

4 – Manuela La Bullanguera – Gertrudis Bonilla Y Jimmy Puche
New Compilation by Vampisoul y Palenque on Doble Vinyl with 21 Tracks to be released very soon on Munster Records.

5 – Ato 05 – Kumbia Agua
From San Luis Potosi comes Ato 05 with 4 Tracks and 4 Elements released on Kumbia Obscura
6 – Doja Cat – Juicy (degruvme Cumbia Remix)
Over to California. degruvme is part of the wonderful and hyperactive La Junta Crew in LA.
7 – Philthy Satanas – Philthy Dronez
….and San Jose
8 – Godzilla – Poupa Honk
New Album by Poupa Hank on Folcore soon.

9 – Break On Wepa – Satánico Dr Trvza
From Querétaro comes Dr Trvza with a 6 Track Ep El peor productor del mundo released on Kumbale.

10 – Salamanquesa – Klik & Frik
Salamanquesa» transports us to the sounds of typical cumbia orchestras from the 50’s. Blending clarinet melodies from the virtuous Mexican musician Chirimoyo with synthesizers and deep Downbeats. Klik & Frik are starting 2020 with a two track EP out on Mexican label Onda Mundial.
11 – Ice Cream Cumbia – ADR x Zetroc (Bombón Edit)
And some news from Houstons Bombon Crew

12 – No me voy – Sonido Satanas Secta Selectah, Cumbia Dealers
New Tune by Sonido Satanas in combination with Cumbia Dealers and Secta Selectah. The Video was filmed in Madrid.

13 – Cumbia Mama – Birth Defects
From El Paso to Ciudad Juarez goes the 5 Track EP released on Rebajado Mx by the Producers Birth Defects and Border Chango.

14 – Este Ritmo Nuevo – Blanco
Blanco is splicing styles like cumbia, trip hop, funk, reggae and soul. this comes with 5 more Tracks from California.

15 – Kintu – SoktaKuri
The Kintu is the offering of the Coca leaves that is offered in the Ceremonies by the Andean Healers. 6 Tracks transporting lots of spirit.

16 – Las Tortugas (Bullerengue Extended Mix) – MielyCumbia
3 electrocumbia Tracks coming from BsAs released on Hawai Bonsai

17 – Ofelia (Biomigrant Remix) – Sexteto Tabala
Afrocolombia Reworks is a new series of versiones, remixes from friends of Palenque Records.

18 – Vamo a Dale Duro – Ghetto Kumb
First rumors from the upcoming Album from Bogotas Ghetto Kumbe to be released soon on ZZK. Meanwhile check the Video
19 – Frenezik X Chi Weu – Salsa Picante De Tenerife
Sure you will go into this Trap spiced up with lot of Salsa from Tenerife.