Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 106

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No106. Again and again we got a lot of deep and bassy Cumbias for your pleasure. Run the Mix Selctaaaaah!

[audio: |titles= Monthly Cumbia RoundUp #106 |artists=Andrés Digital]
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1 – Una mas de Violencia – Carrillo Stereo
Starting this Round Up in Querétaro, Mexico. This is massive 4 Track EP released on Kumbale. Carrillo Stereo on Spotify.

2 – Alebrije ft. Slmnt Freddy – Orihuela MSS
From Puebla de Zaragoza comes this very deep 10 Track Album released on Caballito. We have 3 cool tracks in the mix. SoundcloudCaballito
3 – El Mensaje – Pocho
Another Ringtone is getting re-recycled by Munichs DJ Gonzalez aka. Pocho

4 – Tierra De Nadie – Thub
Thub was born as a proposal that fuses historical memory and cultural identity He conceives the sound from the experimentation between different techniques of musical production, looking for a point between organic sound and electronic sound, has as a base musical rhythms typical of the Caribbean such as cumbia, porro, fandango and some of the pacific as marimba whirlpools, the marima is a typical instrument of this peaceful region. This is 4 Track EP released on Folcore.
5 – La Cumbia Poderosa Ft. Deuce Eclipse – Philthy Dronez
Another cool Cumbia comes from San Jose, California

6 – Morir por amor – Valentina Conde y la Voluntad
Cumbia with a touch of psychedelics from CDMX with influencias from Colombia, Argentina, Brasil, y México. Also included La Cumbia peruana de los 70´s, la chicha, o la cumbia amazónica. Nice 3 Track EP.
7 – Apacheta – Khantu
La noche is the second studio album from Guazú, Electronic folklore from Argentina. Album comes with 9 Trax and will be released soon on Folcore.
8 – Los días con fecha 23 no me van bien – Orihuela MSS
9 – Se baila y se goza – Orihuela MSS

10 – Líbrame de Arayé – Afrosideral & Kumar Sublevado
Cool 7 track Album released on Wonderwheel, Afrosideral from Cuban producer, vocalist and multi instrumentalist Kumar Sublevao Beat. The result of what he’s called the Afrocuban Electronic Ensemble – Afrosideral mixes modern electronic production with dub sensibilities with rhythms and melodies inspired and in tribute to the legacy of the Yoruban people. The “El Olimpo de los Orishas” album is a chant to the universe from the ancestor’s voice. The rhythms of the drum, trance & meditation converge into a record that samples & modulates the musical DNA of Kumar’s heritage.

11 – No Más Discriminación – Kombilesa Mi
Esa Palenkera is a 13 Track Album filled with Rap Folkloriko Palenkero and a lot of Afro Caribbean Vibes. We have 2 more Tunes in the Mix.

12 – La Voz del Sinchi (Bareto remix feat. Tribilin Sound) – J Mariátegui
From Lima, Peru comes this 6 Track EP from Rolo Gallardo
13 – Me Encanta La Cumbia (I Love Roknrol 8bit Cumbiambero) – Solo Moderna
Here’s a freebie for you by amazing Dutch producer Solo Moderna announcing a full length album to be released in November 2019 on Galletas Calientes Records
14 – Fiesta Brava Mix – Pinchado & Tribilin Sound – Los Mirlos
More Cumbia Amazonica from BsAs.

15 – Minha Ciranda (Salvador Araguaya Edit) – Lia De Itamaracá
Tropicana Records presents 6 tracks showcasing a spectrum of Brazil’s musical styles and genres.
16 – Vamos Pa el Baile – Kombilesa Mi
17 – Changó en el Olimpo – Afrosideral & Kumar Sublevao
18 – Neke – Kombilesa Mi