Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 102

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Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No102. After choosen Bruce for the Cover, shure some of the next Rounds will face Andy Ruiz, heaveyweight Champion of the World. Coming in with the music…

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1 – Cumbia de las Estrellas – Grupo Jejeje
So this Round Up sounds very mexican and outernational at the same time, it starts slow and trippy. Grupo Jejeje’s music filters these sounds through their own unique immigrant experiences. While Turbo Sonidero grew up as a Mexican-American in San José’s Latino East Side in the shadow of technophilic Silicon Valley, Arrabalero came of age in London surrounded by classical and popular Persian music. In Cyber Aztlán, a reimagination of the mythical Aztec ancestral land, Grupo Jejeje soundtracks cosmic encounters between Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and Meso-American cultures. Cool 12 Track Album uniting Cholos worldwide.

2 – Cumbia Roja – Amantes del Futuro
La Super Cumbia Futurista aka the DF Space Cumbia Sound always was a big inspiration for the Nu Cumbia Movement. Here are the Amantes del Futuro with an deluxe 10 Track Album Sabor Sonico. Album is available on Spotify

3 – El Mito (ft. Aterciopelados) – Frikstailers
Seems that we had lost contact with the Frikstailers but finally there is a new transmission incoming and this is really heavy news. This one goes clearly for the Cumbia Grammys 2019. Extrasolar has 12 Tracks mashing up Cumbia, Dancehall House, Trance and many more styles… “There are several love letters to Mexico hidden within the album. It’s a central element in the identity of the album’s art because it was essential and influential when creating it.” It wasn’t just produced there, Rafa lived in Mexico for 7 years while Lisandro still lives there. The duo says, “Two instances where this love for Mexico shines through are: a small piece of a poem in Nahuatl that can be heard in the intro, and the name of a made-up city called “Telotihuán.”‘
4 – Sueña la Wacha – Son del Barrio ft. Andres Digital
Son del Barrio is growing his Album Original Tropical Ghetto with a lot of Guests from around the Globe. Here comes a first teaser. Check out the Video.
5 – Cumbia Naranja – Amantes del Futuro
6 – Iluminanos Santa Cecilia – Grupo Jejeje

7 – Himno Solar – Bial Hclap
Here comes another remarkable EP. I was really impressed by the string works on Sierra Madre with instruments from Son Jarocho like Jarana, Leona, Requinto y Quijada de Burro. In this Album comes a lot together Electronic Beatz meeting Sonidos Prehispanicos and everything comes with a relaxed vibe that will make you groove.
8 – Bungalow – Frikstailers
9 – Tus Latidos – Bial Hclap

10 – Camino A San Jeronimo – Soktakuri
New Latam Beats Vol.2 is a 16 Track Compilation curated by Alvaro Uribe aka Tribilin Sound and Murúa (Sello Regional), presenting the divers Sound, Rhythms and Colors of the Peruvian Electronic Underground Music Scene. Find Tracks by Chakruna, Quechuaboy, Sushupe and many more – SpotifySoundcloudBandcamp
11 – Duende Come – Vitu
More Latam Beat

12 – La Clave Ft. Big Mancilla – Banana Sound Cartel
So this is only the beginning. Crema is the new Album by the Colombian electopical melting Pot Banana Sound Cartel. This Album comes with 9 Tracks recorded between Bogota and Ginebra. It is available on Vinyl and Digital on Bandcamp. It has a brother called Crema Remixed wich you could check out here. Also we had a talk with Pablo Gaviria click

13 – El Sol y la Luna – Mielycumbia
From BsAs comes Mielycumba with a wonderful 3 track EP released on Hawai Bonsai. Find Cumbia, Roots, Electro in a punk-minded shape
14 – Cosmic Adress – Frikstailers
15 – Candela Ft. Miss Wife – Banana Sound Cartel
16 – Afrotrip – Frikstailers
17 – Kuepea – Banana Sound Cartel

18 – Off – Los Innsurgentes
5 Track Ep searching for new tendencies 3baliando. Groovy!

19 – Chinchivi (ft. DengueDengueDengue) – Tribilín Sound & Rolo Gallardo
9 Tunes from Peru by Arturo “Zambo” Cavero in new Versions by Tribilin Sound alongside Rolo Gallardo and reinterpretations by Novalima, Dengue Dengue Dengue, Olaya Sound System and Inkas Mob. Projecto Zambo on SpotifyYouTube
20 – Chacombo (ft. Diego Alonso Eslava) – Tribilín Sound & Rolo Gallardo

21 – Camino de la Vida (Andrés Digital Remix) – El V & the Gardenhouse ft. Sargento Garcia, Francesca Taverni
The artistic adventure of El V starts at the end of the 80’s. Big fan of black music, singer, DJ and expert of the black music world and its culture, together with a drummer founds the GardenHouse with whom starts a deepening in reggae and latin music. So here are 30 years of music to celebrate and this starts with a 16 Track Album combining a lot of Musicans and Producers like Hueso Negro, Sonido Satanas, Caballo. Check the Album on Spotify. Perfect Summer Soundtrack from Bologna.