Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 101

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No101 with the newest and hottest Sounds from Cumbialandia.

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1 – Tra Tra (Edher Torres Cumbia Edit) – Ghetto Kids
Starting the Round up with a CDMX internal affair. Always respect the TRA!

2 – Barrio Santo (ft Hupse Alafia) – Toromata
We stay in CDMX. Pa la Raza is a cool 6 Track EP. More Infos bout the Project find here.

3 – Lamento (Get up and Dance) – Banana Sound Cartel, Afrika Bambataa, Tupac, Andrés Digital
This Trip started in Bogota with a stop in LA. It comes from the EP Bienvenidos a Cumbialandia released on Latino Resiste. Also watch out for more BSC Stuff publishing soon.

4 – The Corsican (feat P-Gial) – Supersan
The Greek duo, formed by Panama Cardoon and Mister Kentro, is coming back with “Enter The San” a powerful opus, a deep and electronic journey to the high frontiers of North Africa, Southern Europe and the Middle East. 10 Track Album released on Galletas Calientes.
5 – Es tan frio (ft Hupse Alafia) – Toromata
Another one Pa la Raza

6 – Hacia El Rio – Masilva
The Album Andrés Digital y su Conjunto extraterrestrial was released in 2014 and just getting a re-release. The Album comes with 4 tracks by Masilva, Longfingah, Mama Limon and Intie Irie and getting Remixes by Superpendejos, Kinky Electric Noise, LATA, Alan Rosales, Los Reyes de la Milanga, Dash Slktr, Pupa Vinylist, Dany F, Yelram Selctah, Chong X and DLMJ moving into all styles of Cumbia Bass Culture. So stream it on Spotify or check it on Bandcamp. Soundcloud will be back soon.

7 – Badness (Coconutah Remix)
Coconutah bringing together DnB Vibes with Cumbia for the first Release on La Selva Records.

8 – Brindo Mi Cariño – Baja Frequencia
Baja Frequencia coming out with a heavy 15 Track Latin Dancehall Album fr. Warrior Queen, Skarra, Mucci, La Dame Blanche, Paloma Pradal, Kid Cala, Faauna and some more. Hot Katz! Released on Chinese Man Records.

9 – Cholovision – El Cholo Astral
Cool 6 Track EP released on Rebajado MX going on for the slower and deeper Cumbia Sounds.

10 – Zambotheque – DJ Juan Data
HipHop, Sampling and instrumental Experiments you will find on this 11 Track Ep Ritmos Crotos Vol 1. Vol 2 also available with 11 more beatz. Soundcloud.

11 – Gato Andino – Derrok
First teaser from Derrok’s next 2019 album La Huella.
12 – Peyote Sound System – El Cholo Astral
And one more from El Cholo Astral

13 – El alumbramiento – Dr. Brodsky
The Waters of Ascension is the story of the physical and spiritual transmutation to other states. Dark waters from which thirsty-enlightenment entities emerge trying to emancipate themselves, evaporating their minds to transcend, seduced perhaps by the promise of an oasis that flows to infinity. These waters have seen birth the matter that is then martyred in an act of consecration to reach the epiphany. This Album comes with 4 Tracks and 7 Remixes by Panther Panther, Quechuaboi, Coconuttah, Kid Cala. Released on Folcore.

14 – Tropical Moon (Dj KYEM Remix) – Moonaga
This duo, formed by Maud Cavalade (accordion, slam, organ, kalimba) and Sébastien Cheppe (guitar, machines) will take you on a borderless journey. The EP comes with 7 Remixes by Panther Panther, Silly Tang, Ritmo Salvaje and more. Released on Folcore.
15 – Bienvenidos a Cumbialandia – Andrés Digital
Bienvenidos a Cumbialandia is a 3 Track EP released on Latino Resiste. Free Download.
16 – R E T O K U M B I A – Moodkillah ft. Syztema
Back to CDMX, the kids are united!
17 – El alumbramiento (Qechuaboi Remix) – Dr. Brodsky
One more from Dr.Brodsky
18 – Big Bank (Yukicito Remix) – YG feat 2Chainz Big Sean Nicki Minaj
After ereleasing his cool EP ONE Yukicito comes with another cool Mashup.
19 – Negra Edit – Sr.Gaviria
Sr. Gaviria, part of the Banana Sound Cartel with a cool Edit de la Negra. The Banana Sound Cartel Album Crema was released in the moment, we will talk later bout that.
20 – I Apiya Bó – Kombilesa Mi
First Sounds from a new Album from the Palenque based Colectiv.
21 – El Amor (Andrés Digital Remix) – Lisandro Meza
…and one more from the Bienvenidos a Cumbialandia EP updating Lisandro Mesas Classic in Sound and Time. Soon will come the Album “Guaracha Tropical” 10 Tracks ft. Paco Mendoza, Deela, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Caballo.

22 – Encendemos – Yamga
YANGA’s singular focus and strength is their inspiration from and adherence to the beloved rhythms found throughout the Caribbean coast of Colombia — rhythms like cumbia, garabato, tambora and zambapalo. These rhythms form a touchstone and a proud statement of purpose for their debut on Names You Can Trust.