Banana Sound Cartel – Candela (Crema PreRelease)

Posted on 01 November 2018 by Andrés

The “Banana Sound Cartel” is a worldwide artist collective known for mixing Colombian Cumbia, Afrotropical Styles and Electronic Music. Formerly known as “Los Transatlanticos” they Lost Bags on their travel between Bogota – Berlin. Now the electropical melting pot is back in Europe with a new name and the forthcoming studio album “Banana Sound Cartel – CREMA”.

Here comes a first preview of the 2 upcoming releases. Candela from the original Album “Crema” on Hawai Bonsai Records to be released in January 2019 and Candela (Andrés Digital Remix) from the “Crema Remixed” Album on to be released in February with Remixes from Andrés Digital, Nixtamal, Panther Panther, Dead Stare, Kanicha, Yukicito, Sonido Berzerk.

“Banana Sound Cartel” refers with a twist of irony to the well known concept of “Banana Republics” and the unfortunate stigma of the Colombian drug cartels; building on the Colombian diverse heritage to revisit and recall its creative future.

Here comes a hot mix selected by Pablo Gaviria including more stuff from the upcoming Album. Playlist is available on Soundcloud.

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    […] is the first Tune of the upcoming Album Banana Sound Cartel – Crema Remixed to be released on Tropical Bass in February 2019. It will come with 6 fine Remixes by Dead Stare, Nixtamal, Sonido Berzerk, […]

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