Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 89

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No89 presenting 19 hot Tunes in a 40 minute mix free to take away. Cumbia! Catch the flow and Surf away.

[audio: |titles= Monthly Cumbia RoundUp #89 |artists=Andrés Digital]
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1 – In Love With You – Lascivio Bohemia
Starting this Round Up with a heavy release by Hawai Bonsai Records.
2 – Welcome To The Jungle VIP – Coconutah
Cumbia Amazonica is the result of 19 months of patience, with the help of all musicians, Ruta Mare for the design and Adrian Portugal for the photography. It is a bunch of released, reshaped and unreleased tracks very different tendances around tropical and latin bass sound.
3 – Jungle Manifest – The Silly Tang
The 19 Track Compilation comes on heavy Doble-Vinyl.
4 – Son Caliente (Andres Digital Remix) – Mkc feat. Pablo Watusi Martinez
Get it on Bandcamp or stream it on Soundcloud.
5 – Intercambio – SidiRum
One more from Cumbia Amazonica
6 – Canto Negro – El Cuida Hermana
A Mystic Track from BsAs

7 – Cumbicha- Akilin
Super 9 Track Album Me ta llamando comes from Caracas by Akilin with lots of Electrocaribbean Vibes.

8 – Armas De Barrio – Eskorzo
Alerta Canibal is a 12 Track Album by Eskorzo from Granada, Spain. SuperSuper Album, que viva la pachanga!

9 – Molienda – Malphino
Malphino are an outer-national, mystical band from an imaginary tropical island that has dreamt up a cinematic score and audio backdrop to their idyll. A promised land of hypnotic cumbia rhythms, subtle digital warbling, accordion textures, voodoo vapours and woodblock charm awaits the off piste explorer willing to step through the arch and Visit Malphino, the debut album from this London based collective of musicians and visual artists.

10 – Danza del Mar – Sonido Gallo Negro
Hailing from Mexico City, Sonido Gallo Negro‘s exhilarating third album continues their exploration into the psychedelic richness and rhythmic pulse of Peruvian cumbia while at the same reaching for new sounds and textures – such as mambo, cha cha, porro and danzon. The 11 track Album will be also available on Vinyl. Cover and Artwork by Dr. Alderete
11 – SurferPedro (vivotropical remix) – Vivotropical
Cool 5 Track Ep Pa’Goza from somewhere in Mexico with an Guitarra de Wisurfi
12 – Cumbia Caníbal – Eskorzo
Find more Infos about the Band

13 – Cumbia Lorana – Xhule & Noisebro
Here comes a 4 Track EP Los Reyes del Sabor released on the Americano Label loaded with Moomba and Cumbiaton Vibes

14 – Dolores – Pa Kongal
This comes from the 4 Track EP Adios Amate released on Le Ronca.
15 – Vivo en digital – Vivotropical
One more from the Vivotropical EP
16 – Chupa (feat. Happy Colors & Ms Nina) – Chico Sonido
Get your Dembow from CDMX Resident Chico Sonido
17 – Todo Va A Estar Mal – Siete Catorce
One more from the Cumbia Amazonica Compilation.
18 – The both
Here comes a Mystic Track from MTY
19 – Me ta Llamando, ft. Carlos Talez – Akilin
…and one last one from Akilins beautifull Album.