Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 87

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No87 with 45 minutes of Cumbia related freshness to make you move and groove.

About the Cover – Check out the Art of METEORO and kill your Piñatas!

[audio: |titles= Monthly Cumbia RoundUp #87 |artists=Andrés Digital]
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1 – Soul Digga – Pocho
Starting this Round Up with an 6 Track Ep Algoritmo by Kumbales Pocho Gonzalez combining House, Reggae Dub, Hip Hop, Cumbia and more latino Vibes.

2 – El Jornalero – 3ERMND
With some heavy Bangers comes the 11 Track Compilation Fin de Año with some Classic Cumbias rebajado and very stylish.
3 – Es Ilegal – Los Gedes ft. Danny Lescano
Following the BsAs Style, the Message is clear – Free the Weed – Free the people!

4 – Comadrita – Zambo 1492 – YMLLC
New Latam Beats from Chile is a 14 Track Compilation presenting some Highlights from the Folktronic Scene with Artist like Mr Toe, El Buga, Frente Tunupa, Cholita Sound and many more
5 – Me haces falta tú – Mexican
yes we can, here we go with CDMXs Mexican.
6 – Prrrum (Canyonazo Bootleg) – Cosculluela
Some heavy Reggaeton comes from the Bay part of Canyons Escandalo Bootleg Series.

7 – Saka La Bukana – Royal Highness
Austins Peligrosa Crew celebrating their 10 Years anniversary with an remarkable 11 Track Compilation with Artist like Dead Stare, Sotomayor, Raka Rick, El Dusty and many more
8 – Estate Cumbia (2017 rev) – Cero39
Bogotas Cero39 coming up with some reworks.

9 – Llueve en Buenos Aires (feat. Selectorchico) – Panther Panther
Bristol based Sound Panther Panther has a new 4 Track EP out on Folcore loaded with lots of Vibes.
10 – Bala Cumbia – Basher Toe
Over to Basher Toe transmitting from Israel
11 – Cumbia Árabe (Sonikgroove Edit) – Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlán
Check the groove of the Mariachis from Barcelota.
12 – Playa Sin Agua – Dave Nada & Orión García
More to Celebrate 10 Years of feting hard with the Peligrosa Crew.
13 – La Quebrada Rework – Santos
Agonia is a 11 Track Album full of dark Tijuana Vibes. Check the Ruidson of Santos.
14 – ¡Miau! – Syztema
CDMX Tribal Sound straight for the Catlovers.
15 – Bailando – Caribombo
New Tune by Caribombo making you dance.

16 – Agua De Beber (Baile Trap Bootleg) – El Buga vs Quarteto Em Cy
The Global Barrio is growing its 3rd Compilation with 7 Tracks on it by DLMJ, Lucas Lead, Barbarella and more

17 – Dubarriao – Dragao
For his new “Camino” 8 Track EP, released on Galletas Calientes Records, Dragao started exploring his afro-colombian roots, fusing traditional Colombian sounds of the Pacific, Atlantic Coast and the Llanos, with a reggae influenced dub technique, Incorporating guitars and keys of his own.
18 – Selectha 64000 – Nurrydog
And we got another one to Celebrate with the Peligrosa Crew.
19 – Tumbadora (Orignial Bass) – Freebot
…and the last one from MTYs Freebot Duro!