Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 80

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No80. Again we selected the hottest Tunes of last month Cumbia related Releases and presenting a cool mix for your pleasure. Get on your dancing shoes and make ready to enter new dimensions, where no one has been before. New Andrés Digital 12 Track Album “Tropical Rave” is on its way with Guests like Paco Mendoza, Don Caramelo, ELMALO, Tiger Blood, Don Camilo + an free 4 Track Mashup EP. Releasetime comes soon.

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[audio: |titles= Monthly Cumbia RoundUp #80 |artists=Andrés Digital]
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1 – Benijo – YEAHMAN!
Starting this Round Up with a 5 Track EP Transbordo released by Frente Bolivarista. Jean Dasso aka. YEAHMAN! from Toulouse, France promotes the breaking down of barriers in music and a form of artistic universality without unoriginal transitions. His sounds mix up influences from all continents, drifting between tradition, cultural melting pot and modernity.
2 – Gata – Hat n Hoodie
You like Cats, Merengue, Bass and Madness? Here comes Hat n Hoodie from Berlin.
3 – Iruya – Aluminé Guerrero
Here comes more Stuff from Toulouse. On the Album Parte del Mundo you will find 9 Tracks spreading the folkloristic Vibes of the Andes.
4 – Sandro vs Maks (Dance Kill Move Remix) – Villa Diamante
Time for a Tango inspirated Dance Kill Move by ZZKs Villa Diamante.
5 – Mi Corazon Feat. Faauna – Cehache Respira
La Revancha del Cordoquino is a 10 Track Album from BsAs mixing Reggae, Dancehall, Cumbia and more Styles.
6 – El Pescador (Borchi Remix) – Catrina Son Systema
Ok, were out fishing with Pablo.
7 – Las Heridas – Dj Caution
Here comes a new Remix by Madrids DJ Caution.
8 – Keppler – Espeso!
Hawai Bonsai goes outta Space and has a 3 Track EP with Remixes from Coconutah and Dj Nirso.
9 – Los Reyes del Sabor – Deltatron Feat. Turbo Sonidero
New Album from Lima, Peru by Boss Deltatron covering lots of Bass Styles with guests like LAO and Dave Nada.
10 – La Kumbia en La Playa – Grupo Kual
Mexican Soundsystem Culture in LA sending Un Saludo! 13 mad Tracks combined by Dutty Artz. Ritmoooo!
11 – El Acordeón – Secta Selectah
Vamos a bailar Señores y Señoras. Cumbia! Hot and wild 5 Track EP Sampleton via Rebajado Mx.
12 – A Gira – (Ataw Allpa Remake) – Trio Ternura
From Quito, Ecuador comes the nice 4 Track EP Cyberfolk by Ataw Allpa remixing Andrés Landero, Mateo Kingman and more
13 – Quemada – YEAHMAN!
Another one from the Transbordo EP
14 – El Enamorao – La Perla
From Bogota comes La Perla, an all Woman Ensemble dedicated a la Bullerengue.
15 – Eso No Me Falla – Ghetto Kumbé
Bogotas Ghetto Kumbé with a first taste of new Stuff. Mad beat!
Come into this Latin Trap. The man is on a egotrip. Guaracha! Great Album.
17 – Sputnik – Yeyo Ayala Ft. Syztema
Over to CDMX and Bass Rats Crew Member Syztema 3ballando.
18 – Machetaxo (Secta Selectah & Niño Perdido) – Su Tribalera
One more from Secta Selectahs Sampleton EP
19 – La Vida Vale La Pena – Uproot Andy X Tetris
..and finally a 3ball Version of Petrona Martinez Banger.