Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 79

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No79. This month some Artist sound like the Chemical Brothers, others like the Frikstailers and all are very groovy. Also check the Transmission on Club Du Monde.

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1. Nunca olvidarme mi acento – Dat Garcia
Dat García grew up in Monte Grande, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires and from a young age she was involved in Argentine folklore music. She comes with a beautiful chilled 15 Track Electrofolklore Album released on ZZK.
2. Barbarella – Pez Volador
Kumbale has a new Compilation Sudamerikawurzeln. It comes with 20 Tunes from DJ Nirso, Erick Jaimez, The Ghost, Kid Cala and many more. Barbarella comes from Dresden, Germany.
3. Pal Celestial – Lucas Lead
This chilled 4 Track Album by Lucas Lead comes from BsAs and is released by Folcore.
4. Tu Tormento – Dany F
Dany F from Medellin is well-known for his mixture of Cumbia and House and comes with a new 7 Track Album full of cool Vibes mashing up the styles.
5. Bandidos Riddim – Billion Dollars
Billon Dollars comes from San Luis Potosi and has a cool 4 Track EP Crack the System out with some experimental Dembows on Worldwide Records. Call it Future Dembow.
6. La Rebelde – Santa Cumbia
Another one from Sudamerikawurzeln by La Rebelde.
7. Psicocumbia – Me lleva la Jarana
Girando en el Tiempo is the Title of the 9 Track Album with modern and groovy Bandplayed Cumbias coming from BsAs.
8. Sonora Dinamita Del Monton (King Most Redirection feat. Izzy Wise)
King Most from SF likes Redirections and so la Sonora Dinamita gets a new touch.
9. Calor – DJ Nirso
The Nirsópolis EP plays with Sounds and Styles and comes with 4 Tracks released by Sonido Trópico from Såo Paulo.
10. Todita Tuya (Canyonazo Edit) – Demphra
Canyon Cody from LAs Subsuelo Crew throws Dembows. A perrear!
11. Istmeña – SSDSS
And one more from Sudamerikawurzeln by El Sonidero Sin Dinero aka Rene Gamez with a great groove.
12. Cumbia India – The Peronists
From Tucuman, Argentina coming The Peronists with an 6 Track Ep Periferia full of Cumbia, Electronica and lots of Experiments
13. Los Días – Dany F
More from Dany Fs new Album Fiebre
14. Request The Cumbia – Deela
The main ingredient in this 9 Track EP Skultura Vol.2 is Reggae mixed with heavy Cumbia flavors. You can hear the gaitas and accordions ride over big drum beats topped with lyrical madness from some of jamaica’s finest singers!
15. Pussy Boom! (Pucho Mastermix) – Vermilion Bird & Wild Katz
This release features six remixes from some very talented artists each representing a different global sound from Cumbia, Moombahton, Global Bass, Baltimore Club, Baile-Funk & Afro House; giving the release an exotic and diverse feel.
16. Chocolate – Bial Hclap
From Guadalajara comes Humberto Loopz aka. Bial Hclap with an chilled 4 Track Ep Color Moreno released on The Flying Monkey.
17. Gallote (Call Me…) – Maxx Gallo
Entering the 3ball Section with an burning 4 Track Ep Gallote full of Styles by LA Resident Maxx Gallo released on Worldwide Records.
18. Mi Fiesta – Yair Martinez
From Oaxaca comes this 4 Track Ep released on the Cassette Exclusivos as free Download.
19. Pasito Perron 2017 – DJ Tetris
More from Oaxaca dancing the Peron.
20. Alan Rosales feat. DJ Otto – Tribal Acid
…and finally the 3ballTechno from CDMX to MTY. I love it.