Lua Preta- Emocoes Coloridas

Posted On By Caballo

Introducing Lua Preta – half-Angolan and half-Polish dj/producer duo who just released a magnificent new EP bringing together Afro House with traditional african music.
They are THIS GOOD!!!
Emocoes Coloridas sets 3 marvelous tracks, that complements each other creating a powerful and hypnotic trip through the African diaspora.
Check it out right here

The musical talents of LUA PRETA landed like modes of dust dancing in the golden sunlight. Together they set to sound the free and easy feeling of a warm summer day: Emoções Coloridas. They’re experts at crafting deep, hypnotic, Afro dance emotions in the highly narrative style of a traditional song and they create music which is inspired by colors, dreams, lost paradises, and new horizons of human belonging. Their stuff is both sophisticated and highly efficient and you can expect the thrilling joy of celebrating on a shimmering summer weekend, captured in a feature-length documentary with music, heart, and a dash of African sun. For all those moments when there is no need for words this EP contains three beautiful tracks of Afro peak-time euphoria on a sunlit open air dance floor!