Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 77

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No77. Another Round of Tropical Sweetness. Seems like this is the Round Up of the Pre-Releases. For some of the Albums you have to wait, but great stuff is on its way.
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1 – Traigo Cumbia ft. Raspapulaman & Marlen Obregón – Sunka
Galletas Calientes soon release the Album Colombian Party by french Producer Sunka. Electronic dance music, infusing some subtle and groovy percussions into heavy beats. Many Colombian voices were recorded on the album, such as Jhon Pri of Systema Solar or Marlen Obregón of Afrotumbao.
2 – Baia Baia – Los Master Plus
From Guadalajara comes the Project Los Master Plus with a new Video for the Song Baia Baia from their Album Adelante.
3 – Muero por ti – El Santilo
Over to BsAs, more information is not available.
4 – La Tomasa – Nomenobre Wey
More from Argentina by Che Cumbe and Negro Dub aka Nomenombres Wey
5 – Summertime (Vampire Beach Version) – Tigerblood
Tiger Blood (aka Edu K) is one of the most iconic references in the Brazilian underground scene. He’s mixing up Cumbia, Bhangra and Dancehall without losing his Brazilian horizon to make you feel this Summer hot as hell. Get this 3 Track EP by Latino Resiste here.
6 – Okilomba – Coconutah & Kaygee
This comes from the Shika Shika 11 Track Compilation Mare Insularum with Artists like El Buho, Nicola Cruz, Barrio Lindo and more. With a cool Marimba groove coming the La Selva Members Coconutah & Kaygee from Madrid, Spain.
7 – La Memoria Del Viento – Lagartijeando
Lagartijeando is the name of producer, musician and DJ Mati Zundel. Born, raised and currently living in a small town on the outskirts of Buenos Aires called Dolores where the Album was recorded. Freshly into 2017, Mati brings us El Gran Poder via Wonderwheel— named after an important Aymara festival that takes place in Bolivia and Peru, purely to celebrate family. At these festivals, the community also celebrates their culture and the importance of the collective identity. The 10 Track Album is available soon on Wonderwheel Records.
8 – Guaracha UFO (Dandara Edit) – Meridian Brothers
Dandara comes from Suitzerland and thats all my information here.
9 – Memekume (Dengue Dengue Dengue Remix) – Novalima
Novalimas Album “Planetario Remixes Vol 3” was featured last round up and here we have another one from the 7 Track EP by Limas DDD.
10 – Como Me Miras – Chico Mann & Captain Planet
Night Visions is a collection of stories which dance alive over an infectious blend of Afro-Latin rhythms and contemporary dancefloor beats. Told by a variety of characters, drawn from the vibrant imagination of Chico Mann, these stories take place in an endless night, where we move through dimly lit clubs, jungle moonlight, pitch black desert plains, and the internal shadows of personal darkness.
11 – Sureshot Amazonico – Captain Cumbia
Hola Chicos, Hola Chicas Captain Cumbia is back with two cool Mashups. Meanwhile working on his Dinamitaaa Album wich will be released soon the Captain mixes Cjicha libre with the Beasty Boys.
12 – De Ti Todo Me Gusta – Erick Jaimez
New Remix from Dallas by Erick Jaimez.
13 – Cumbia Trap ft Celso Piña – Negro Dub
Back to BsAs and the hyperactive DJ Negro Dub setting up a Trap for the living legend Celso Piña.
14 – Albino´s Dancing Club – Oscilador Bass
Oscilador Bass comes from Aguascalientes, MX and beside his Netlabel Latin Bass Mexico he has a new 8 Track EP out going back to the basic Sounds and grooves. Native is a sound odyssey that rescues ancestral, native and indigenous sounds that are fused with synthetic sounds and current electronic sounds.
15 – TLC ft. DJ Blass – El Dusty
Here comes the Sound for the Big Rooms from Grammy nominated El Dusty in cooperation with Reggaeton Monster Blass.
16 – Me Voy Ft. Rayna – Sonny Denja & Ackeejuice Rockers
if the Lady wants to go…let her go…here teaming up the Ackeejuice Rockers with Sonny Denja to mashup the future Dancehalls.
17 – Ya Te Toca – Chico Mann & Captain Planet
And to end this Round Up a last one from the Night Visions.

And finally a lil Teaser for a remarkable Documentation by Cumbia Poder y Porro.