Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 76

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No76. We’re broadcasting direct from Cumbialandia and having fresh stuff in a bouncy mix free to take away. Run di Riddim my Selectah.

[audio: |titles= Monthly Cumbia RoundUp #76 |artists=Andrés Digital]
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1 – Guerrero Andino (Original Mix) – Tropikhongo & Pablo Pachacutik
Starting this Round Up with a mystic Tune by Tropikhongo and Pablo Pachacutik. This comes with two more Remixes by Lascivio Bohemia and Relo and is released on Folcore.
2 – Aluciname – Arrabalero
Arrabalero comes with an Cumbia Rebajado typical Monterrey Style even when he’s coming somewhere from the Colombian Coast.
3 – SLaCumbia – El Gayo Negro
From Zürich to Mexico comes el Gayo Negro with his groovy Cumbia House Beat.
4 – Dunobizeh (YEAHMAN! Remix) – Panther Panther
Pablo Villierezz from Bristol is Panther Panther and sending his mexican roots out to explore the Cumbia Universe. The 6 Track EP is released on Hawai Bonsai Records and comes with Remixes from Yeahman, Tribilin Sound, Sumohair and more.
5 – Altiplánica (Tribilin Sound Remix) – El Extravagante
Felipe Nadeau is El Extravagante, Traveler from Chile and has his Patiperro EP out on Sello Regional. the Album comes with 5 Cumbia based Styles and 5 Remixes by Tribilin Sound, El Buga, Senor Chancho and more.
6 – Slowly Chiquita – Eduardo Zambrano
Eduardo Zambrano is bringin out a lot of music latley. Also there are stories that there was seen Unicorns in Quito. So this Album is released on Edmond Records and comes with 12 Tunes.
7 – La Ruleta – Faauna
Que Canchero: New Sounds of Argentina is Sounds and Colors tribute to Argentina’s thriving underground music scene, featuring the artists and groups pushing nueva canción, rock, folk and digital cumbia into brand new territories. The Compilation comes with 16 Tunes and the Faauna Tune was unreleased. Also find Songs by Lulacruza, Sara Hebe, Ramiro Jota and a lot more.
8 – Pa bailala en kimono ft. Rocko Akordeon & CBass – Tropikore
Okay, get yourself a Kimono and start to move. The Message is clear and comes with cool Acordeón work.
9 – Arte En la Calle (Andrés Digital Rework) – Manu Chao
In hard times where presidents talking straight bullshit and Racialism and Hate is the daily message there is always someone who spent a lil bit of hope. One of this persons is the unbelievable Manu Chao. Writer of all-time Greatest hits like King of the Bongo and Clandestino with lyrics still actual after all that years. Manu has 3 more new Songs out and there are some rumors that there will come more.
10 – 9551 (Jomax Ft Pablo Senties Remix) – Borchi y Su Doble Redoble
Pablo Borchi from CDMX is back with his Doble Redoble and still blowing all horns. his EP comes with 3 original Tunes and 3 Remixes. This is released on the Cassette Exclusivos.
11 – Alfombra Mágica (El Barba Dub Remix) – Estrellas Del Trópico
Finally there are places where you cant go with your Magic Carpet. But thats not important for the Duo Estrellas del Tropico from Santiago, Chile. The original Tune is some years old and this Album comes with 5 more remixes. Funny Notice: Some of the Remixes was remixed a second time. Get this on Sello Regional.
12 – Aguacero ft. Chico Mann – Captain Planet
Captain Planet and Chico Man is a cool combination. The More Slang EP from 2015 comes with one original and Remixes by Thornato, DJ Theory and London Bridge.
13 – Afterparty (Fake Moustache Remix) – R-Rivera
Bial Hclp and Paul Rivera teaming up to build this Album Rey Embustero with lots of Hiphop Vibes. Remixes by Fake Moustache, Yelram Selecta, Freebot and more.
14 – La Chusa ft. Camilo Lara, Toy Selectah – El Dusty
Grammy nominated Cumbia Workaholic El Dusty turns a round with the Boss Toy and Camilo Lara in fully Tijuana mood.
15 – Como Yo (Captain Planet Remix) – Novalima
Novalima comes with a 3rd Remix Ep mashing up this beautiful music. And theres another one from Captain Planet. This is released on Wonderwheel Records.
16 – No Me Quieres feat. Fabi Reyna – Sumohair
LAs Sumohair comes in full Champeta Style. First I thaught this is Li Saumet singing, so watch out for la Reyna.
17 – El Palenque de los Congo – Los Guayabera Sucia
This one is a tribut to Palenque de Huachipa and Francisco Congo and comes with a lot of dubby Horns and a groovy Vibe and shows the african Roots of Peruvian Music.
18 – Beto Kele (Animal Chuki) – Novalima
We’re staying in Peru and here comes the next one from the Novalima Remix EP
19 – Bad and Boujee (Yelram Selectah Cumbia Remix)
…and finally last Tune for this Round Up by Tijuanas Yelram Selekta giving Migos Bad and Boujee a Cumbia Touch.