Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 75

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No75. Welcome to 20017. We’re having still some Echoes from the Cassette Birthday beside the new Megacompilation by Latin Bass Mexico, La Dame Blanche getting her Remixesession and a lot of more pearls.
If you’re near Heidelberg next week (27.01.) come to join the Mango Sessions in Dezernat 16. We will have some spicy Selection with Afro-Latino Beatz and lots of Bass letting you feel the Tropix in undercooled Germany (Only talking about the Weather!)

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1 – 5am (Punto Rojo Remix) – La Dame Blanche
With her explosive mix of Hip Hop, Cumbia, Dancehall and Reggae, the Cuban singer, flautist and percussionist Yaite Ramos Rodriguez aka La Dame Blanche delivers a powerful and compelling sound which summons the spirits. After releasing her Album 2 on Wakan Tanka here comes the Remix Session with 13 Remixes by Danocholango, Tropikore, Doma Tornados, Andrés Digital and some more.
2 – Kinky Cumbia – Noblezza el Colombiano
Here comes Álvaro Camargo Jaraba aka. Noblezza very groovy and with lots of freaky energy from the Region Plato Magdalena Caribeño. He is influenced by the Cumbia, Porros, Vallenatos, Champetas and all the different Riddims from his Region where the Cumbia has his Raizes. Later we will have some more from him.
3 – Sueltate (Zurita Refix) – Anyuri
Going back to Cassettes Birthday still leaving waves in Cumbialandia. This comes from the Compilation De la Compu al Boliche. The Tune from Anyuri got its Remix in South San Telmo, Argentina from Maestro Zurita.
4 – La Cumbia Quitapenas – Lascivio Bohemia
Lascivio Bohemia from Quito, Ecuador has a new 3 Track Ep out. This Song is un tribut to Sixto Silgado, Paito y los Gaiteros de Punta Brava.
5 – Não É Não – Lila
Lila was born in the middle of the Amazon forest under a new moon. She grew up in the midst of her parents’ record collection. As carnival lover, Lila was elected as Street Carnival Muse by Rio’s biggest newspaper and as a side project, she is the singer of one of Rio’s most popular street carnival ensembles. Here she comes in Combination with Leo Justi.
6 – Cumbica – El LUNΛ
Starting with some songs from the massive 6th Compilation by Latin Bass Mexico with 83 Tunes. This one comes from CDMX by El LUNΛ. Download the full Release here.
7 – Tu tiempo – Alhaja Champion
Next one from Cassettes De la Compu al Boliche Compilation comes from BsAs by Juan Cámera aka Alhaja Champion.
8 – Los Diablos de Ocumicho (Cristo Reventón Remix) – La Walichera
La Walichera from BsAs released an Album with 5 Remixes of their nice debut Album.
9 – Coletera – Noblezza X Benny B
Back to Colombia Caribic with the cool flow of Noblezza.
10 – Mas Orgulo (Andrés Digital Remix) – La Dame Blanche
Back to La Dame Blanche. I had a lot of fun on this one. Just catch the flow!
11 – Tu Sicaria – Ms Nina
This next one comes out of the spanish Internet by Ms. Nina and will set you in full Dembow mode. The Beat was made in Cadiz by Beauty Brain
12 – San Juditas – Secta Selectah
Back to Latin Bass Mexico and Secta Selectah guarachando.
13 – Banda Conmoción vs Beenie Man – Danochilango
I really loved the original Version of Banda Conmocións Presentacion from Valparaiso, Chile which comes back as cool Mashup with Beenieman Lyrics made by Danochilango a long time ago.
14 – Muharem – Tribilin Sound & Del Bosque
Over to Lima, Peru with a chilled Groove by Tribilin Sound and Del Bosque
15 – Qilin – Jyun Jyun
Global Barrio is an art collective based in Oakland, California and Mexico City presenting their 1st album. 10 different artists from 6 different countries bringing an amazing piece of art full of global electronic sounds. Including Tunes from El Buho, Los Rakas, Lascivio Bohemia, DLMJ and more
16 – Delicia (Bleepolar Remix) – RCA & Tropikhongo
Fake Moustache and Albert DJ are Real Cumbia Activa and coming in Combination with Tropikhongo. From CDMX to San Martin, Argentina. The Ep comes with 6 Tunes and Remixes by Tribilin Sound, Scooby Dub and more. Nice one by Bleepolar from Bogota, Colombia. This one got it release on the lovely Sello Regional.
17 – Chill Bill ft. J.Davis & Spooks (Niña Rica Remix) – Rob $tone
Niña Rica from Guadalajara still want to kill Bill with Guiro and a Trap. This is another Part of the Latin Bass Mexico Compilation 6.
18 – Vamos a bailar – DJ Caution
Another cool one by Madrids hyperactive DJ Caution. Songtitle says it all, No compromise!
19 – Sacudela (Andres Digital Remix) – Los Rakas ft. Rell
And another one from the Global Barrio Compilation ready to make you move not only on Bay Partys ft. Los Rakas. Original Tune is created by Part Time Hero and NBA Junkie Rell the Soundbender.
20 – Ya No Vivo Por Vivir ft. Natalia Lafourcade (Niña Rica Cumbia Remix) – Juan Gabriel
Mixes and Mashup Mexico celebrating Juan Gabriel with a 22 Trax Remix Session which sure Sounds very romantic. Free Download here.
Another one by Niña Rica.
21 – Cumbia Science – Oscilador Bass
Latin Bass MX Mastermind Oscilador Bass from Aguascalientes with a lot of Science.
22 – Knobbers (Don Juan Pachanga meets La Yaute Cumbiaton Refix) – Crookers
And here comes the last one de la Compu al Boliche from Don Juan Pachanga from Puebla, MX.
23 – Fragancia – Ego 360
Emiliano Gomez aka. Ego 360 has a fine new 8 Track Album
Urbanología en Clímax (instrumentals) combining Dancehall, Global Bass, Reggae Dub and Cumbia.
24 – El Africano ft 3ball MTY – La Sonora Dinamita
And finally the legendary Orchesta La Sonora Dinamita with the Young heroes from 3ball MTY united. What a combination. This one comes from a 22 Give-away Ep from La Sonora Dinamita. Grab it here.