Lady Leshurr – Queen’s Speech Ep.6

Posted On By Andrés

A Queen is speaking and its getting spooky. Birminghams Superwoman Lady Leshurr is back with her speech No 6 celebrating Halloween. Keep care of your eyebrows ladys. Funny Lyrics.

Knock knock
It’s going off drop top
You’re halfway there crop top
You want ketchup with that thotdog
I’m ill (clears throat) cough cough
Eat up the beat scoff scoff
I will walk into your mans house, and connect to the hotspot
Cus I’m B-A-D
They study me like PHD
Island gyal, so I like reggae
Oooooo call me young MA
I had to stop and say to myself
Who is she? She ain’t me
I’m on top that’s VAT
Ya mom loves me and your D-A-D
And there is just one thing
That I’ve never understood
Girls are learning to twerk but don’t know how to cook
Pot noodles on the weekend everyday beans on toast
I’ll run a mc then laugh in your face just call me Usain Bolt
Cus I am beast
Who are you disrespekking
Who are you disrespekking
Put some respek on my name
Then get your neck in
Take shots I’ll photobomb
Don’t make me have to Phone your mom
I’m outside tryna find reception
You’re there tryna find a Pokemon
You go sleep with your makeup on
Eyebrow missing where’s it gone?
Winged eyeliner must’ve flew off
HUH?? LIke Scooby
Emoji face that’s spooky

Spooky x6
Emoji face that’s spooky

Verse 2
None of these girls don’t like me man
Good Cus I be bad
Tell a man shush
Pipe down son
Treat them girls like a 5p bag
I make Euros USD
You’ll get kicked down no UFC
You pout like Donald Duck
Waste man Donald Trump
Ok YouTube views that’s millions
Weave on fleek Brazilian
Hair flick das militant
I’ll bad you up Kat williams
Wa gwarn like a Rastafarian
You’re a Likkle fish That’s aquarium
Joker haha that’s hilarious
I’m too cold I’m a Saggitarius
I’m becky with the good hair
Yeah becky with the good hair
You just got paid and don’t wanna buy your baby a pushchair
That’s vile
Don’t make me flip Simone Biles
So please don’t mess up the motion
You was on a long ting Frank Ocean

Pre chorus
You go sleep with your makeup on
Eyebrows missing where’s it gone
Winged eyeliner must’ve flew off
HUH??? Like Scooby
Emoji face that’s spooky!