Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 71

cruno71Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No71. This time I got 25 Songs mixed in a 45 Minute Session free to take away. So what is going on in Cumbialandia, lots of new Productions, lots of new Sounds, lots of Fun…check it out!

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regio1. Cumbia Explosiva (Lascivio Bohemia Remix) – Sistema Beat Andino
Was playing the Cumbia Explosiva earlier and here comes the EP with a bunch of Remixes by Barda, El Buga, Sonido Mamalón, Loko Bono and some more. It is a free Download and available from Regional
2. Kumbia Campesina (Re Edit 2016) – Dj Rafa
Entering the raw Side of Argentinas Cumbia Sound.
3. Subele Kabron Mix – Eze Style
More Stuff from DJ Eze Style find here
vamos4. Terror Latino – Atlántico Negro
From Montevideo, Uruguay comes Atlántico Negro with Dub, Blues and a bit of Reggae. This is part of the compilation ¡VAMOS! Sonidos Vol.1 “Hybrid Dimensions” – Meditations on post-colonial dancehall – ancestral realms of electronic entheodelica – surreal soundscapes experienced in subtropical / industrial no-zones – afro-latin decentralized beat-scapes and dub politics.
5. Acido De Bandido (tres zero tres pleasure version) – Streamer
Once upon a time in west Amsterdam a DJ mixed 303 Bass-Vibes, Ragga Twins Vocals, Western Romantic to make you move.
6. Mentes Unidas (Salvador & El Peche Remix) – Sidirum
This one comes with Delfins, Seahorses and wild Flowers from the University of Tropical Sound from London. This is a compilation with 18 Tunes and Artist like Idan K, Dany F, Wenceslada and many more. Check it out on Bandcamp
lascivio7. La Cumbia del Amor (Lascivio Bohemia resabó) – Lisandro Meza
Lascivio Bohemia from Quito, Ecuador has another new Ep after his Afro Andes EP with cool Stuff on it. This is 7 Track EP Le Hot Versions is full of Vibes and Guiros. Special Request!
8. Morenita (Lacaguama) – Sonido Satanas
Here comes a tastemaker for the Remix Album Salvaje original produced by Sotomayor from DF released on tropic-all.
drt9. Policeman – DRT Sanchez ft. Paco Mendoza
More from DF. Here comes this 3 Track EP filled with lots of Ganja Smoke and cool Beatz.
10. Toma Castigo – Che Cumbe X Hector El Father
Entering the Dembow Section. A perrear!
11. Sueltate el dembow (Cumbia Remix) – Bigote
Natya and Bigote gone wild here
12. Shaky Shaky (Bacondo Remix) – Daddy Yankee
There are some cool Shaky Shaky Remixes out in the net. This one comes from Chile by Bacondo
13. Dame Un Beso – Bombón Ft. Fat Tony & La Comadre
Houston! Fat Tony is a first-generation Nigerian-American and he teams up with the host of Bombón’s parties La Comadre on vocals. Principe Q’s big beats and marimbas give this single its laid back, chilled out and tropical ambiance. This is Peligrosa!
14. De La Dead – Ramiro Jota
This next one comes from the Cassette Exclusivos from BsAs Viajero Ramiro Jota.
13932913_10157283476965008_4586146965498597903_n(1)15. Red Nosed Escobar – Rebecca Rocklynn & EL $abor
This is a Tropical Bass track that conjoined North and South American artists to create an upbeat rhythm about global rave culture. Canadian Female MC’s globe trotter lifestyle repping lyrics about sharing Jack U’s backstage and travels through USA and Europe is blended with fat slices of low end 808 tuned kicks seasoned with rasterinha-dembow hybrid snare patterns topped with cumbia shakers flavored with extra sabroso cowbell flow overheads and a lo fi arpeggio melody that will make you feel dizzy at first taste.
16. Black Mamba – DRT Sanchez ft. MC Mamba
Second one from DRT Sanchez. Dangerous!
17. Caribe año 68 – Rafael Aragón
Tribilin Sound, Sonikgroove, Bigote and many more you will find on this Compilaton from Tropical Twista between Time and Space.
romiro18. Berimbau Kids – Ramiro Jota
Next one from Ramiros Exclusivos
19. El Brass – Pa Kongal
And another one from the Compilation Entre Tiempo y Espacio
20. Fck Escobar (Papá Kumbé Me La Mecatie Edit) – Zoowow x Rocky Wellstack
If you do a Remix its always good to release it in the right moment. So everybody is watching Narcos. Season 3 + 4 just confirmed. So we will have some more fun here. BUT … never forget that there was more people dying in the original Drama in Colombia then you can imagine and that for many people this is not history or even a Tv Series, this was their reality.
21. Mirala como baila – Kinkones del ritmo
The Kinkones del Ritmo are a duo from DF and this one comes from the Album Flor de Pantano
22. Cumbia Sabanera – Stereotyp
Barefoot Originator Stereotyp aka Stefan Moerth from Viennna, Austria is a hard working man and has a lot of cool releases. Here comes one more on Latino Resiste.
23. Ella Eh – DjVivaEdit Dembow Crazy Design
So we going over to Puerto Rico duro.
24. Sacude (Extended) – Los 2Notas
Over to Jesus Fernandez from Sevilla, Spain with this Banger making the Bootys move.
25. Salida del Sol – Motin
…and finnally the Sun comes out. Motin has a new 2 Track EP Temezcal.