Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 69

cruno69Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No69. Time and Situation is really mad, can not believe what is going on in the world. Terrorists here, Terrorists there. Right Wing Politicians on the way up everywhere dividing the people…and this feeling that you cant change nothing. So stay loyal to yourself, spread love and respect all people. Cumberos unidos!
Frida was designed and dressed by Emma Gale.

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1 – Bronca – Miss Bolivia y Vanesa Menendez
Starting the Round Up with a 2 years old Tune from Argentinas Mati Zundel. This comes from the beautiful Album Amazonico Gravitante!
hijo2 – Caribe – Boogat El Hijo De La Cumbia
The new Album “Riddims & Friends Vol 1” from El Hijo de la Cumbia comes Riddimwize. This is normal in Reggae, but new for the Cumbiamovement, so this comes with 4 Vocalversions, Instrumental and Dub Version.
3 – Si Te Dejas Llevar – Deltatron & Tribilin Sound
New Single with lots of Dembow from the Lima Dons.
4 – Asado De Fa – Sara Hebe
Here we go with Sara Hebe smoking this Cumbia Joint rolled in Baires. The Music comes from Ramiro Jota and this was released in 2012 on the Album Puntera.
negro5 – Cumbia En Do Menor (Negro Dub Remix) – Rafael Lito Barrientos
We stay in Argentina and listening to some Classics in Version Negro Dub. He got a new Album with Remixes out “10 Years of Electrocumbia” and later this year there will come an Album with Originals via ZZK. Till this you can also listen to his new Mixtape
6 – How You Want It – Deela
Deela from Duisburg, Germany comes out with a new Album Skultura Vol 1. This first episode is a highly infective mix of Cumbia & Hip Hop, featuring some of the greatest rappers of all time. Biggie, Tupac or Dead Prez flowing to hard hitting beats with gaita flutes, accordeons and tropical rhythms.
7 – Cumbiambera Rap – Señor Chancho & DJ Nirso ft Ender
From Chile comes this cool 4 Track EP by Señor Chancho released via the Cassette Exclusivos.
8 – Kalima Shop Titi (Uproot Andy Remix) – Boogat
Another one from Boogat in this Round Up. 6 Years old but still fresh. Beat by Poirier and Remix by Uproot Andy, well…
9 – Cumbiaton Remix – Toty Stylee
Back to the raw side of Argentias Cumbiastyles. Duro!
cho_front80010 – Inti Taita – Cholazo Sound System
We was talking earlier bout the upcoming Album from Chiles Cholazo Sound. Now the lovely 5 Track Album is available from Regional.
11 – Pajaro – Nixtamal
Nixtamal comes from western France beautiful Brittany and has a 2 Track EP out via the Cassette Exclusivos.
12 – Muevelo Muevelo – Llamadores de Cartagena ft. Eze Stylee
From Colombia to Argentina.
13 – Tal vez tú – Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto
New Tune by the Gaiteros de San Jacinto released via Bogotas Llorona Records.
14 – Fiestas Latinas – Manyin
DJ Javigon from San Juan, Argentina comes with a free 4 Track EP Psychedelic Manyin via Kumbale
comanche15 – Cumbia Resistancia (Andrés Digital Remix) – Territorio Comanche ft. Puloy
The Territorio Comanche is located in Barcelona and teamed up with Puloy to spread the Vibe of Resistence. The EP released via KONN comes with 4 Remixes by El Buga ft. Zambo, Andrés Digital, Pigmaliã and Mr. Toé, giving the original material a new flavor.
16 – Indios Libres – Asagi Saundo
From DF comes the Sonido ExTerrestre with lots of Guitarwork and lovley melodies in it. This 7 Track Ep is on a Cumbia Synth Cosmic Trip
17 – No tengo Dinero (Killmanjarto Remix) – Tekila Mariachis
This Ep, also via Cassette, comes with 3 Versions by Kilmanjarto, DJ Caution and Tangy Bear. Que viva la revolución – Lets get wicked with the Tekila Mariachis.
18 – Everybody Move (Andrés Digital Remix) – Busy Signal, Miku Hatsune
And a new Andrés Digital Mashup EP coming very soon on the Cassette Explosivos, I mean Exclusivos. More blends by Jah Screechy, Rafael Lito Barrientos, Pedrina y Rio, Sean Paul and more.
tropi19 – Jumping – Tropikhongo
Tropikhongo is a celebration of the wild fusion of rhythms of slow and lilting walking against provocateurs and acid synths. The 4 Track Ep is available via Sub Klub Records.
20 – Cómo Te Llamas (feat. Mexican Institute of Sound) – Holiday Mountain
Holiday Mountain is an electronic Duo from Austin, Texas and coming very soon with a cool Album full of Tropical Bass, Cumbia, Trap whatever. Check the Video with MIS here
21 – El Rattle Costeño (Tribal Remix) – Tetris
Monterreys Guaracha Label is releasing Album after Album on the official ways, making 3ball available for everyone. So find this on Itunes or Amazon.

And finally a fine lil Video Documention faeturing the Lima Cumbieros. With Elegante & La Imperial, Chakruna, Tribilin Sound, Pe Garcia, Loko Bonó, qechuaboi y Deltatron.

Otra, otra, otra ….

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