Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 66

cruno66Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up very satanico No66.

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Back to the mix – this time I’ve got 19 Tunes in 45 minutes of diverse Cumbia + Bass Stuff in a tight mix from all around the globe mostly released in the last month. Run it my Selectah!
[audio: |titles= Monthly Cumbia RoundUp #66 |artists=Andrés Digital]
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magico1 – A.E.S. (El Caballero) – Magico Gonzalez
Mágico González from Madrid comes with a 8 Bit Album between Reggaeton and Cumbia. The 5 Track Album is availabel via Caballito
2 – Rumba Cha Cha – Deejay Rayo
From Buenos Aires to Colombia Free Mix Mix
3 – We Out Chea – El Dusty ft MLKMN and Happy Colors
Cumbia-electronica pioneer El Dusty knows a thing or two about sexy beats that get fans moving. The other 2 too, so this get trapish. Later this year he will be releasing a full length album “Made in Corpus”.
gua4 – Sonido Amazonico (Reinterpretation Bootleg) – Los Guayabera Sucia
The 2 Mates from Lima Peru have a brandnew Album out which is really cool one. You could check it here. This reinterpretation of los Mirlos classic is not on the Album but not less moving.
5 – Se Me Nota – La Dame Blanche
Very percussive comes La Dame Blanche from her new Album “2” wich should be out soon via Wakan Tanka. Check her Tourdates and the Video here.
atento6 – Mala Hierba – Atento Facuse ft. Celeste Shaw
Dub, Cumbia with Rave, Rap and Psychedelics are the elements of the wonderful 13 Track Album
Distorsión Tropikal from Atento Facuse from Santiago de Chile
7 – Rumba Juankita (History of Colour interpretation) – History of Colour
The Label Shika Shika from DF is a global collective without owners for music without borders. Organic-electronic-folk-digital. Here comes release no2, a collaboration between El Buho and Barrio Lindo. And finnally the Album got his mastering from Nicola Cruz. Folktronic as it best. Que sueña la marimba.
lascivo8 – Andarele – Lascivio Bohemia
Lascivio Bohemia from Quito Ecuador has a new Album out. Afro Andes is a 7 Track Album full of spiritual Beatz. Marimbas, Cowbells, Vibes Costeños and traditional songs out of the Afro- Ecuatorian and Afro-American Communitys
9 – Cola de Manzana (bonita) – Royal Highness
The Texas Duo King Louie (Peligrosa) and Principe Q (Bombon) again with a cool and groovy mashup.
10 – Diablo (Feat. Golosinomano & Christrombon) – Sonido Satanas
And sure I have to play a Song by Sonido Satanas praising the Master in this Round Up numbered No 66. When I someday will play Round Up 666 … we’ll talking again.
11 – El Campanero – Captain Cumbia
Hola Chicos, Hola Chicos here is Captain Cumbia from Paris with Love, good Vibes and full Band.
12 – We Rep The West – Sumohair
Ice Cube goes Cumbia in East LA Cholo Style cutted by Master Sumo Hair.
13 – Hasta Abajo – Jesús Fernández X Tito X Ogb
Si tu quieres Dembow here it comes very groovy y muy duro from Jesus Fernandez out of Sevilla, Spain. Boom.
14 – Comandante (King Coya Remix) – Lulacruza & King Coya
In 2015 electronic folk duo Lulacruza from Buenos Aires released Orcas, their fifth studio album and most intimate work to date. So here comes the second volume of Orcas Remixed with 4 Remixes by Chancha, King Coya and more.
fania15 – Timbalero (Nguzunguzu Remix) – Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe
We love to see you dance and the Fania Label has lots of experience in this. With all the background of the classic hit packed Salsa Back-catalog of the New York based record label founded in 1964. Nowadays getting new fame thanks to the work of Canyon Cody and his crew presenting the new remixed Vibes big at the Calentura Partys in LA and on a fat compilation. This comes with an Allstar Remixer and Artist list.
16 – Soy Yo (La Doble M Remix) – Bomba Estereo
Another one from Andalucia, Olé. From Cadiz to Bogota bouncing!
17 – Canto Eleggua (canto yoruba) – DJ Otto Mty
Next one from DJ Otto from Monterrey Costeño. El Tribal works fine with the west african Vocals. Banger!
18 – Maxicumbia – Del Morro
Zouk, Latin Bass, Dancehall and Cumbia you will find on the 10 Track Album Khun Ley released via Le Ronca
FOLCORE-052-Nixtamal-Luica-EP_5a6d2476eed8498f0a5b8a79c2ca1eea19 – Eru Ara – Nixtamal
This minimalistic, futuristic, electronic 5 Track Album comes goovy and a bit melancolic via Folcore. Nixtamal comes from Nantes, France and started his Cumbia Trip 10 years ago in Mexico and beside of lots of Remixes and Mashup this must be his 3 EP. Check all his stuff here

And after 45 Minutes of diverse Cumbia pleasure I have a lil Film “Cumbia La Reina” telling the Story of Cumbia in Argentina desde los 50s hasta los 2000, desde los Wawanco hasta Pablo Lescano.
Cumbia La Reina