Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 65

cruno65Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No65. Sometimes its hard to find time to write this round up between own productions, partys, bicycle riding, chilling in the sun. Working on a new Album always is a lot of fun and spring is coming in strong here in Central Europe. Also check my pimped up You Tube Channel and find some cool Videos and Music… soooooo welcome to Round Up 65 with lots of cool and inspirated Cumbia related music inside. Press Play!
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wali1 – Tu Lugar – La Walichera
La Walichera with the strong voice of Gladys del Carmen Sarabia “Negra Sarabia” comes from Buenos Aires and has released its first Album. Del Rio Negro a la Tierrita. Check the Album here
2 – Tourmaleros (Dj Stanbul Remix) – Sauvage FM
Sauvage FM comes from Paris France and this is part of a 4 Track Remix Ep Salicorne released via the Ghetto Folk Label VLAD. Nice Stuff.
nectar3 – Camalotes – Yaguá
Straight on to the exuberant forest of the Argentine Mesopotamia the guys from SubKlub Records went on a talent hunt, like searching for mushrooms after the rain. And they came back with this album, Nectar Gualicho, Yaguá’s debut Ep. Voices are lost and found in this nature state psychedelic album. Slow cadences almost crawl over 5 songs that tell stories of nights under the protection of stars and trees.
4 – Rosa Venus (Dirty Shampoo Mix) – Rec Sonidera
This comes from a Compilation named Rhytm & Love – Compilado Afrodita 2016 by Taciano Records somewhere from MX. Find thee full 13 Track Album here.
rep5 – Psychotomimetic – Reptilian Commander
Next one from BAs by Bret Alexander aka the Reptilian Commander who has one Album out fresh with Mamba and this one named Lationsaurus coming with the big saurians and some ufos. Again SubKlub is our host.
6 – Tropicumbia – Johnny Thrash
Seems like Johnny Trash comes somewhere from Mexico and likes to wear his mask …
7 – Este Ritmo – LA Sound
From Zacatecas Mexico comes this Banger by LA Sound
8 – Cumbiatronic – Reptilian Commander
Next one from the Latinosaurus EP
conspi9 – Repartiendo Amor con mi Didgeridoo – Guacamayo
Conspiraciones Tropicales is a Compilation presenting the Madrid Cumbia Massive in full effect. This is release via the Mexico City Blog Cassette. Starting with the guys from Guacamayo Tropical.
10 – Esto va derbus sabe bien derbus – Snow Balderas
Another one from the Afrodita Compilation from Xalapa, MX by DJ, Producer and Rapero Snow Balderas
11 – Oio Pango (Coconutah & Kaygee Remix) – Grupo Bahia
Next one from the Madrid Compi.
12 – Equipo – Maxx Gallo
Maxx Gallo is Artist and Producer from LA and comes in with a real cool flow. Sube el Volumen!
guarcha13 – Acapulco – Dj Syztema
Entering the Tribal Section. 2 Round Ups ago I was requesting more 3balistic Music and here we go – from DFs Bass Rats Collective comes DJ Syztema starting the Part a bit melancholic. This EP is released via Resistancia Rec.
14 – Toca (La Doble M Remix) – Carnage Feat Timmy Trumpet & KSHMR
From Cadiz, España come Manu Girón & Manu Garcia aka La Doble M with heavy bouncing Stuff. This is labeled as Afrohouse.
15 – Folklore (Syztems Rework) – Dj Mouse
There are some Versions out of DJ Mouse Folklore. Here comes another one from DF.
16 – Todos De Rumba (Acordeon Party) – Dj Otto Ft Dj Oskar
From MTY to the Acordeon 3ballando hard. Put on your Pointy Boots.
17 – Te Veo – Mr Vallenato
LAs Palenke Soultribe and Mr Vallenato with a heavy groove, not new but still fresh and uplifting.
18 – La negra soledad (Remix) – The Ghost X Freebot

Coming to an end for this Round up. From DF to MTY teaming up The Ghost and Freebot sending the classic Tune into different scenes.