Un viaje musical

A Musical Journey is a documentary film exploring the story of the Argentine digital cumbia movement accompanying a band as they tour across Europe for the first time.
In 2012 Mariana Yegros aka La Yegros and her band composed a song, Viene de Mi, which started to get heavy rotation on radios around Europe. What followed was invitations from summer festivals to showcase the song and upcoming album. The journey introduces the story of a cultural movement which started to emerge in Buenos Aires around 2003 with an alternative cumbia scene forming. In 2006, the Zizek parties gave birth to a weekly ritual where new folklore, cumbia and electronic music mixed together to generate a 21st Century Latin American sound and vision.
La_YegrosSoon after, the Zizek parties decided to create a record label, ZZK Records, and started touring around the world with this new music and their artists. The rest as they say, is history. La Yegros, the first female on the label, following her unexpected radio hit in France and Germany from the compilation Future Sounds of Buenos Aires and was soon signed to a major label in France and fast tracked on the European touring circuit. Following her first tour across Europe is the perfect excuse to explore this new music sweeping the old continent, the culture clashes and how the Internet facilitates the exchange of art and music.
Several journalists, producers, DJs and artists were interviewed in the different Europeans countries and also in Argentina: Philippe Cohen Solal (Gotan Project, Ya Basta Records), Jorge Fernández (A&R EMI France), Stéphane Deschamps (Irrokuptibles), Jori Collignon (Skip&Die), Francis Gay (Funkhaus Europa Radio), Hervé Riesen (Radio France), Max Guiguet and Emile Omar (Radio Nova) & Gilles Peterson (BBC).
A Musical Journey documents two continents and a group of artists intent on exchanging culture and experiences.

Fast forward to 2016, La Yegros, now a resident of France, sells out shows all around Europe, has her 2nd album coming out in March on Soundway Records.