Dreadsquad & Blackout JA – Last Tune (feat. Kush Arora & Smerins Anti-Social Club)

dreadsquadThis comes from the forthcoming Dreadsquad album with Blackout JA – ‘World Destruction’. Dreadsquad aka. Marek Bogdanski from Poland is one of the hottest actual Reggae Producers. The track started life in San Francisco as a collaboration with Kush Arora then later Bristolian brass section Smerins Anti-Social Club added the next layer and finally Blackout came with the finishing move.
This is Heavy UK Steppers style – designed for take the remaining crowd in the dance all the way through to when the lights go up. This is raw energy through and through and as Blackout shouts to the people to get even more energy it perfectly illustrates the relationship between the party and the selector.