Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 60

cruno60Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No60 and this means that we run this Round Up now constantly for 5 Years! But no time to Party, next projects in the making. Always busy like a bee! El Dia de los muertos comes near, so remember your lost ones and celebrate your life.

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1. Azufre – Sistema Beat Andino
Starting the Mix with a Tune from the first Album of Sistema Beat Andina wich comes with 7 Tracks of Cumbia, Dub and Folktronica from Santiago, Chile via Regional.
Inti2. Mambo Revolution – Inti Zimani
Some Mambo always fit. This comes from the cool 5 Track EP “Julio Inti and Ziman – Revolución
3. Cumbia! Anthem – El Dusty
El Dusty’s “Cumbia Anthem” is a club banger primed to be a peak time staple in tropical bass party sound systems, melding together heavy 808s, trap snares, and an iconic sample from San Jacinto, Colombia’s cumbia star Andrés Landero. “Cumbia Anthem” marks El Dusty’s first collaborative track with Dominican twerk producer Happy Colors
4. Cuarta Con Cuarta (Nacho Libre Remix) – Quantic & Los Miticos Del Ritmo
From Brasil comes Nacho Libre with an 7 Track Album wich you could load here
5. Puerto Esperanza – Los Guayabera Sucia
From Lima, Peru coming 2 childhood friends with different musical backgrounds.
rasterinha6. Rasterinha Imperial (Basement Freaks Remix) – Borchi
Borchi comes out with an new Mash Up Ep mixing up styles like Rasterinha, Cumbia and the Imperial March. The Remix comes with fine reworks and lots of added Sound from Dj Caution (Spain)​, Basement Freaks (Greece) and Ckrono & Slesh (Italia). This will be released soon via Cassette Blog
malefics7. Paralelo – Malefics
Dumbia from Toluca, Mexico on the loveley Netlabel El Flying Monkey Records. Real scary and dark Synthesizer Sounds. Check the full Album here
8. Mueve El Toto (Original Mix) – Andres Garcia
Andrés Garcia comes from Granada, Spain and here are ending our informations.
9. Balançando (Señor Chancho Remix) – Ops
New Album via Frente Bolivarista by Ops. With his ears opened to the new sounds from the north of the south hemisphere, the 6 Track EP brings the groove from the brazilian north and northeast and presents a sound that refers to the early history of electronic music, the soundtrack of the first video games and sci-fi movies.
DjMasya10. Ex-puesto – Dj Masaya
Arisco is the feeling of a free spirit, wild, rebel, untamable, ilogical, excentric and asocial. And it is a fine 6 Track EP from the Guatemalteco in Stockholm.
11. Jungle Bae (Erick Jaimez Remix) – Jack U
Let me see your hands up, then…JUMP. Erick Jaimez from Dallas again with booty-shaking guarantee.
12. Company(fin) – Royal Highness
Staying in Texas over to Austin with the Royal Highness with a Moombah-Hop-Cumbia Mash Up. Very spacey Tune by King Louie and Principe CU!
13. Too Original (ADR REMIX) 2.0 – Major Lazer
So I have overlistend Major Lazer. The wicked times where gone when they was entering the EDM Stages and the Big Money Circus, but still they are always good for a pearl. So check out this Remix by Austins All Day Ray aka ADR aka Ray Rivera.
Julito-Balacera-Cover-WEB14. Rakataka (Original Mix) – Julito Balacera
And I am very happy that this Album is finally released via and Regional. Started to work on it in the beginning of 2015 now its available on all portals. So what do you waiting for ? Get your copy!
15. El Mojan (Metro Line Riddim) – Sumo Hair
Coming to an end with Sumo Hairs Version of El Mojan. Straight LA Chicano Vibes.