Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 56

cumbia 56Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No56 connecting what has to be connected. Shipping through the Cumbia Universe in 50 Minutes, again this is month full of monster releases, with lots of creativity.

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Dazed Dog1 – Costa Oeste – Deltatron meets Punto Rojo
This Round Up starts in Dumbia-Mood. Terror Negros Mastermind Deltatron from Lima Peru made this 4 Track EP together with Adrian Lopardo (aka Tropikhongo) aka Punto Rojo. It’s a freeload.
2 – Revolution – Dazed-Dog
The flames of freedom and the booze in the belly burn bright in the life of Germanys Dazed Dog. Digital Bassmonster swings with a caribbean easiness and brings it to the front-line where latin-american melodies meet with african rhythms that make do the Acid Pogo. From London to Lima, Ho Chi Minh City to Havanna or Berlin to Chicago there are no borders. The time to move is now. Check this cool and fresh 8 Track Album here.
Malefics 3 – El sueño del balsero – Malefics
More Dumbia from Metepec/Mexico released via Caballito. Here comes a 6 Track EP with Dark Cumbia, Dub crossovers hiding well-known melodies.
4 – Sueña la Cumbia – DJ Eze ft. Chino Landero
More wicked groovin music comes from Buenos Aires by Chino Landero.
5 – Cantona – Bistech
Latin Bass Mexico comes out with his 4th Megacompilation. 4 full length Album with plenty good Cumbia Stuff to find on it and totaly free for your pleasure. Milton Viveros aka Bistech comes from Perote/Vera Cruz.
6 – Se Va – Boogat
Mr Boogatovich from Montréal has a new Album out “Neo-Reconquista” which I would call a Reggae Album. Only one Cumbia left, but what a Banger. Hope that he will pick up his guiro again.
LBMRVol.4 portada7 – East L.A Cumbia (Cypress Hill Edit) – Sumo Hair
Meanwhile Sumo Hair representing the sizzling East LA Vibe. All Cholos dancing!
8 – Eat Sleep Rave Repeat – Wildcat
Another one from Latin Bass Mexico. Eat Sleep Rave Repeat – Just do it!
9 – Thug life – Bial-Handiclap
6 Track EP from Gudalajara/Mexico via Wakan Tanka Records.
10 – La Vaca – Erick Jaimez
Brandnew 5 Track EP by the Cumbia-Traploard from Dallas/Texas released by Germanys new and superhot Netlabel KUMBALE.
11 – Guajaca (Frikstailers Remix) – Chancha Via Circuito
Chanchas new Album Amansara is getting remixed by all-Star-Producers like Thornato, King Coya, Rafael Aragon and many more.
12 – La Cumbia De Octavio – Tribilin Sound
Very soon comes the new Album “La Cumbia de Octavio remixed” dedicated a Alvaro Ernestos first child via REGIONAL. Shure Octavio is dancing!
Fenix EP13 – Llévame pallá (Javier Estrada Remix) – Boogat
So we have another Tune with Boogat in the Round Up. This is part of Javier Estradas new Album Fenix ft. different Bass-Styles. You could load it here for free. LLevame!!
14 – Wepa – Royal Highness
Even when this are bad times for Real Madrid Fans like King Louie the Producer Duo Royal Highness entering higher levels with this grooving Remix.
15 – Ping Pong – Cumbia Drive
Buenos Aires again – Cumbia Drive playing some Ping Pong.
elektropische Nässe16 – Memoriza mi Leccion – DJ Caution
Label of the month is KUMBALE who have some highgrade Releases out. This is DJ Caution from Madrid and his OVNI Friends with a big 90s Dancehall inspirated Tune from the Compilation “Elektropische Nässe”. With Erick Jaimez, Dice Beats, Andrés Digital, Yelram Selectah and many more…
17 – Tambores Electronicos – El Hijo del Mysterio
Next one from KUMBALE comes from Tijuanas Hijo del Mysterio. Check the fine 5 Track Album here.
Rata Piano18 – El Agua (Bleepolar champedit) – Dj Rata Piano
After his fight against El Faraón Bantú, Bogotas Bleepolar encountered Rata Piano, a mighty champeta craftsmaster who taught him some of his fiercest tunes. A true lesson of the advanced ‘coleto’ sound. This is a 6 Track Champeta EP by Palenque Records.
19 – La Nación – Santos
Entering the prehispanic-3ball section with a man from Tijuana mixing his Ruidson with 3ball. This is released by tropic-all
Alfonso Luna20 – Leyenda Azteca – Alfonso Luna
Now we are going straight prehispanic – another great 6 Track Album via KUMBALE from Monterrey Mexico.
21 – Mi Cueva (Puelche Refix) – El Polen
Puelche is Roque Ferrari, born in San Martin de Los Andes, province of Neuquen – Argentina. He currently lives in Buenos Aires. On his debut album released via Frente Bolivarista he mixes Folk Andino with Electronic Music and 3ball.

So we turn on the lights and the music down – lay down your Guiro and leave – this Round Up ends here like a Club Night in the morning…drunken, stoned and lucky after dancing the night away …
or do we have a hidden track??