The Very Best – Makes A King Album

Posted on 08 April 2015 by Leub

the very best

Finally, it’s here: the long awaited second album “Makes A King” by The Very Best was released this monday on Moshi Moshi records! I know “Warm Heart Of Africa” is an old tune and has absolutely nothing to do with the new album, but still I think this describes best the sound of Johan Hugo and malawian singer Esau Mwamwaya aka. The Very Best, which is a mixture of EDM infused beats, acoustic and live instruments and traditional malawian chanting.

The 13 track strong album is a worthy successor to their debut album from 2009 and does not disappoint in any way. Unlike their “Super Mom” mixtape, “Makes A King” does not feature any fancy international guests, just local talents like Jerere, Seye, Baaba Maal and Jutty Taylor. This is definitely one of the albums you need for your collection. It’s a timeless piece of music, which never gets boring. Get your copy now! This is simply global pop at it’s best.

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