Lata- Tres Cuatro

Chilean barefoot producer LATA release his new album on Latino Resiste.

Now, this album differs from most of the twerk-booty call intended albums as its approach sparks mental scenarios to the listeners.
Great emphasis in the juxtaposition of layers. Notice how the songs are deep, still they create atmospheres which become very solid, tilting away from hype stuff.. WE LOVE IT.. and I am sure most of musicians in here will dig it as well…
Dont forget the fact this has a heavy dose of collaborators grodio, gato preto, javier estrada, andresdigital and many more.
You can download it for free HERE
The album builds on the tropi-dub flavour of LATA´s prior release (“MAO!”, Caballito,2013) and featuring vocal collaborations with famous musician and singer such as Argenis Brito (Señor Coconut,Mambotur) from Venezuela/Germany to London rapper Ebsa (who just released his first EP on LibreCommeLair)as well as chilean indie muse Nea Ducci and of course his frequent partner in crime Barraco Parra from Santiago.

One of the songs “Operator 99 ft. Argenis Brito” comes with a video filmed in Hong Kong during the #OccupyCentral protests last November.

The whole album (PART A and PART B) can be listened here: