Caballo- Digital Nomad

caballo- Digital Nomad

The best creative commons label of the planet, LCL, joins & latino resiste to drop this 7 track album from Caballo. FREE Download.

The music can be grabbed into different formats, individual mp3s, whole zip, torrents or via FMA (Free Music Archive)

Digital Nomad is an album that goes into very different directions.
The opening track has this eastern appeal that was the early signature of Caballo’s sound.

The second track called Digital Nomad, has this dancehall-bass-eastern sound that becomes the album title as it defines the overall sound

Moving into Southern East, and blending Bhangra with Kizomba, beautiful forever has this positive message that dances easily with the slow and energetic Angolan-inspired vibe

After being into the Bass scene for a while, it was obvious that 808 aesthetics would involve a lot of Caballo’s new tracks.
This in particular has this Twerkish approach

Although Caballo’s forte has been Cumbia Bass since the inception of the Mothafu Kings project.
Abuela is exactly that>
a Bouncing Cumbia with some funky horn section and lots of bass

This album has been created in collaboration with who is perhaps the most frantic page in Latin America for mestizo sound.
The song Dub Kong is heavily inspired in the works that are usually featured on the page, this track goes from dub, to bhangra or drum and bass.

Last song of the album is a Pow Wow Bass track inspired by the Idle No More movement in Canada.
Trying to support the Indigenous movement, so people from the first nations in Canada do not end like the natives from Colombia and Brazil, whose sacred lands were absolute destroyed for mining purposes.

This song means a lot, personally to the album, although its real impact to stop the Canadian gov. actions is almost non existent, trying to create a track that generates awareness while perhaps gets some independent radio air or an underground party or your personal mp3 player will always remind that there are people and struggles we need to support, even though they do not end on the front page on the news.

Last track is Picnic on the Pipeline