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3F3XT unleashes the fury of the bass via Mal Dicen/Latino Resiste with some serious bullets with Bandolera.

This guy may be unknown for many of you. In fact, that is the main reason LR/Mal Dicen exists.
So we can get a highlight to these amazing producers whose work may get overlooked if they go by their own!

The 8 track albums goes from straight up latin Moombahton, and we mean.. REAL Latin stuff

Also this wicked fusion from Trap & Tuki Bass called gimme the weed

to Cumbia Moombahton

Well, you get the idea.
3F3XT is one of these guys we expect to see getting love from the Bass family as he is very unknown outside his circle.

The whole 8 track album will also feature Chilean Hip Hop, or future bass, which is one of the reasons LR is super proud to unveil for many, this young but super talented producer.

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Whole Album stream