Kuenta i Tambu – Santa Electra ft. Elia Isenia

kuentaInspired by traditional Afro Caribbean Music from Curaçao and European Dance, Kuenta i Tambu has created a brand new sound! They have found a unique balance between electronic sound samples, singing and chanting with infectious rhythms played by ritual Tambú drums.

“Santa Electra, please clear our paths from evil. If you can’t come to help us, please empower us so we can help ourselves.”
Santa Electra is a fictitious Saint who we are singing to in this song. After many bad things happening lately we call to Santa Electra to send us some positivity, wisdom and a clear vision over the future. We hope she can hear us through the vibration of the drumming and dancing.

This song has been written in the traditional Tambú style by Kuenta i Tambu’s frontman and producer Roël Calister. The vocals are sung by singer Elia Isenia, who Roël considers to be one of the best Tambú singers of Curacao. Roël together with producer and partner in crime Clifford Goilo aka Rusted Braces later adapted the song to the Kuenta i Tambu standards, transforming it into a real Tambutronic tune.