Max le Daron – Sin Logba EP – Fake Moustache – Hometown Sounds EP

Today I present two cool Global Bass EPs…both are free Downloads

First one comes from Bruxelles somewhere between Dancehall and Afro Grime. Its a collaboration between Max le Daron (DJ/producer, Belgium) and Joey Le Soldat (Lyricist/MC, Burkina Faso).
Fusing urban grime and lyrics in Mooré (Burkinabese language), Sin Logba is a call to remember the heroes who died for Africa, those who were incarcerated, tortured and murdered for their ideas and for the freedom of african nations. Also included are Remixes by Photo Romance and AMA$$A. This is free Download released via Cocobass.

Fake Moustache comes from Mexico DF and released this EP some days ago via tropic-all bringing on the Message of the TRA with deep Moombahbeatz, some Trap and even Vibras Norteñas. Pure madness.