Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 50

This is Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No50 and in Central Europe Fall falls in heavy and the nights getting long on the way into the darkness. Always remember that it’s Dia de los muertos and not Halloween. This is not about Candies, this is about remembering your loved ones, your lost ones. But, as follower of this column you know that we are not friends of the written word, we’re here to hear some music and their are awesome Albums on the rise, so here is 1 hour of music to dance and groove into this Sunday.

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Chancha1.Sueño en Paraguay – Chancha Via Circuito
Argentian producer Pedro Canale aka Chancha Via Circuito returns from a three-year sojourn with his long awaited third album, Amansara released via Wonderwheel Records. Originally coming out of Buenos Aires’s famed digital cumbia scene, Chancha has notoriously broken way outside those boundaries to forge unprecedented mergers between Brazilian rhythms, Paraguayan harp, Andean mysticism and the solitude of Argentinian folklore – all processed through his own futuristic style of post-dubstep. Chancha’s sound is without question truly unique and instantly recognizable to the point he has become a key reference point for an entire crop of artists that have begun to carry his genes.
2.Cumbia Makes Her Shake – Sumohair
Sumohair comes from Los Angeles and is Part of the “Metralleta De Oro” Colectivo with runs a cool Party every Month in East LA. And be sure that he can not only make your Remix Soundsgood, he can also make your hair look fine and sexy. Later in this Round Up we will have another beauty from this guy.
3.Te Falta Un Poco De Maldad – Loquera Tradición ft. Harry Stereo
Iván López (Truko) comes from Baja California Mexico
4.Cumbia De Bach – Tribilin Sound
Alvaro Ernesto from Lima, Peru has a new EP out via Folcore. This Song is not from the Barrancore EP but my fav and I missed to post it.
5.Siguió Tomando – DJ Blass ft. Los Chinchillos Del Caribe
Here comes the Master of the Dembow direct from Puerto Rico. Reggaetón is dead but “El Artesano” is still alive and makes Music fresh as Hell.
6.Mi vecinita (Pablito Mix Extended) – Plan B
So this is a lil Reggaetón Section presenting another legend del genero Plan B remixed by Mexicos Pablito DJ
7.Guayeteo – Che Cumbe
Next Stop Buenos Aires, coming in with the Partners in Crime and Party Organizers Che Cumbe with a cool Reggaetón Banger and DJ Negro Dub with another cool Django themed Remix made for big Rooms.
8.Bang Bang Mix – DJ N3gro Dub
9.Lianas – Frikstailers
From Argentina to DF, from DF to the world heating up the dances. Rafa and Liz are on a permanent Tour in the moment spreading their electronic Vision of the Music we all love.
10.Así Se Baila La Cumbia (Ghost Twerk Remix) – Policarpo Calle
Seems like the Ghost from DF found his style combining Cumbia Classics with the deepest Twerk Basses.
Andres Digital Cover11.Hacia El Rio (Los Reyes de la Milanga Remix) – Andrés Digital ft. Masilva
Sure you heard that I have 2 new Eps out. You could read everything about this massive release wich is getting cool Feedback from all sides here. Get extraterrestrial !!
12.La Cumbia Del Amor (Ghost Remix) – Alberto Pedraza
13.La Cumbia Del Parcero – ALGUACIL☆DUBKILLA Ft. Kafu Banton
Manuel Gamboa from Bogota, Colombia comes in with an High Energy Combination with Panamas Plena Veteran Kafu Banton.
a0633768411_1014.Que Quiero Volver – Captain Planet ft. La Yegros
Globe-trotting beatmaker Captain Planet returns to the Soundsystems Worldwide with his hotly anticipated album Esperanto Slang, a transformative LP which further illuminates the “Gumbo Funk” producer’s fluency in breaking boundaries between genres and bridging continents through rhythm.
15.Mi Mujer – Dj Caution
From Madrid comes DJ Caution with a new 2 Track EP in the lovley Series of Cassettes Exclusivos. You can find the Download Links over here.
16.This Feeling (Sumo Hair Cumbia Remix) – Jahdan Blakkamoore
17.Cicada – Captain Planet
18.El Colchón – Yelram Selectah
Thanx to the Soundcloud Repost Function I refound this Banger by Tijuanas Yelram Selectah made for the DF Party Colectivo Fiestas Pirata.
19.El drogadicto – Illuminvty
This comes from Mexico biggest Trap Act and is Part of the Sofrito EP released via Caballos Mal Dicen. I really love this remix !!
don alex20.#ECM – Don Alex
Alex González Fonseca aka Don Alex from Bogotá has a new Album out via Regional. Its titled “Accordion Bass” and its a must have Album. Also their are cool Remixes out.
21.Wake Up (Lata Deep Sleep Mix) – Andrés Digital ft. Longfingah
22.Para Arriba – Jacinto Di Yeah
Another cool Release on the Mexican Netlabel Tropic-all comes from Jacinto Di Yeah from DF. Its an electronic 5 Track EP..its a free Download.
23.Pasado Presente – Los Innsurgentes
Manhu OL + Terry Garcia from Monterrey, Mexico are Los Innsurgentes searching new ways for the Tribal. They have a new EP out titeled “La Maldad” wich you can download for free.
24.Espectro – Erick Rincon x Siete Catorce
So sure you realized that we are deep in the Tribal Zone now.
25.Nicetime (Dash Slktr Remix) – Andrés Digital ft. Inti Irie
flvshd26.Bitch (Original Tribal) – FLV$H
A whole new approach to 3Ball, a variation made in Houston. Dj FLV$H brings an impressive 13 Track Album, where he goes from 3Ball to future bass, from easy listening to trap, bass, and again into more wicked 3Ball. This was released via Latino Resiste.
27.Negra Palenquera (El Búho Dub) – Aniceto Molina
Bringing this Round Up to an end and slowing it down with El Buhos dubby Version of La Negra Palenquera