EVDI SOUND- Muchos (Produced by Happy Colors)

Evdi Sounds is an incredible hip-hop/urban MC whose work got our attention a while ago. However his MUCHOS EP has something that brings the urban underground to a complete new territory.

Produced by Happy Colors, who also has released 2 EP on Latino Resiste, MUCHOS will reveal a side of the revolutionary side of latin bass while keeping really hot thlevel for any dj set or party.

Think ‘Calle 13 style of lyrics” meet Major Lazer style of music.

In Tratan, you will find aggressive but uplifting lyrics contrasting with that epic style that has made happy colors a name to be aware of

The impressive 4 track EP is released for FREE courtesy of Evdi Sound via Latino Resiste!

Suelta, is aimed for dancefloor madness

Activaera, the opening track is just bass porn

X. EVDI SOUNDS- tracklist