Brousse FM #05: DJ Caution

Posted On By Andrés

A Mixtape is a Mixtape is a mixtape – Some of you may know that I’m not listening to mixtapes – sometimes I read the playlists – but normally I don’t have the time to hear all that stuff, because of we’re getting so much music in every day, every hour…and as I’m DJ for live I can not concentrate for more than 2 minutes and then I skip to the next Tune and also always working on own productions and ting…
So listen the Story from Marvy who is the Mastermind of Brousse FM: “The way it happened is absolutely cosmic: while I was reading a post on Ovni Guarajé on TropicalBass. It was the first time I was reading about em and as soon as I finished the article, I checked my messages and DJ Caution just wrote to me about doing something for Brousse FM… Pure magic, man. I fell in love with Ovni Guarajé and DJ Caution’s music :)”

Brousse FM #05: DJ Caution (OVNI Guarajé) by La Brousse Records on Mixcloud

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