Rocky Marsiano- Meu Kamba (limited edition vinyl)

Exclusive Premiere for Tropical Bass!!
Amazing work of re-edits with the soul of classic african vinyl, beats that try to answer to the the wildest of questions – what if b-boys danced to semba instead of funk?

Who is behind this beauty..?
Rocky Marsiano, grew as an artist in Lisbon, formed a hip hop group with guys with ties to Cape Verde and Angola. Africa was always close, always present. And hip hop taught him that vinyl records are pathways into the past and future when put to good use on the hands of a dj or in the inner circuits of an MPC sampler.
Rocky Marsiano, now residing in Amsterdam, challenged Rui Miguel Abreu, a friend, an ally, a co-conspirator on many past adventures, to select some records from his personal collection. The result was a batch of vinyl from Cape Verde and Angola, from Mozambique and São Tomé.
All Rocky Marsiano had to do was to dive in, extract the deepest grooves from those significant slabs of black plastic and reimagine Africa with the help of his MPC.
Hear and support the whole album via Bandcamp.

Marvellous work