Piper Street Sound & Eclectic Roots Ensemble- Babylon Can’t Play Cumbia


Few times, cumbia and dub get so tight that words can’t even express how good a track is.
This is a prime example.

The whole album can be found at PSS soundcloud

Piper Street Sound and Eclectic Roots Ensemble, released their album Feelin’.

This EP of 6 Dub re-imaginings takes their rootsy, old-school sound to new depths. With PSS at the board, the tunes take on added dimensions, with 3 deep dubs and 3 Latin Cumbia-Dub versions.

Babylon Can’t Stop This Dub takes the original earnest riddim and morphs it, adding space and dimension with huge reverbs and atmospheric effects. The nyabinghi style percussion and drums takes on density and rhythmic dimension with delays. Ray-gun synth stings take this heady tune into alternate realities.
The Cumbia version of Babylon Can’t Stop This Dub focuses on the rhythm section, especially the conga/bongo/binghi drums, with added Latin hand percussion. The tune retains its spacey, dubbed-out feel but acquires a trance-like marching pace via shakers and guiro.