Ovni Guarajé – La Bailonguita

ovniTo the rhythm of cumbia, tropical beats, reggae and other mixes, “Ovni Guarajé” calls us to dance and enjoy, mixing the most popular and refreshing Afrolatin settings in an energetic and vibrant ritual. Their first disc, “Don de Maya”, rises up like a corkscrew that uncovers the intergalactic pipework connecting the Afrolatin and electronic waves for the rest of the world.

The Crew of the spaceship are DJ Caution, musical producer and current DJ of “El Chojin” and “La Excepción”, passionate about all music that unites us since 2009. Laura Lima, of Cuban origin, fantastic lyricist, burns up vitality on all sides. El Meditador – lyricist and phonetic improvisor, energetic Shaman. William Carreazo, Afrocolumbian percussionist, wizard of the Columbian gaita.