Midget Ninjas Soundsystem- IDM (Ideological Dance Music)


The third installment from the Russian mega-side project now focuses in Russian-Cross cultural Bass.
Enjoy 17 tracks, that will go from Soviet classic blended with baile funk, cumbia, trap and tropical bass.

Midget Ninjas are bringing the missing ingredient to the mix presenting the new wave of the Soviet Bass. Ideological Dance Music. Unleashing the IDM is a like a release of a Communist Kraken.

Get the whole thing here > (ZippyShare)

Their official statement

We live in the era of the global pervasiveness of I. iPhones, iStores, iTunes, iWhatevers… People completely forgot the most important I. The Ideology.

Global bass music has conquered the World. Heavy basslines, lazers, drops and synths penetrated every ear, every mind. This sound has already infested houses, dancefloors and radio stations worldwide. And now the time has come…

A new ideologically correct and bass-boosted sound for the SovietSteppaz around the globe.

Witness the rise of alternative reality where Red is beautiful and communism is an awesome party. Working class is yesterday Soviet Bass will give birth to the Twerking class. It’s like Khrushchev showing you the way to the bright future!

Grampa Lenin himself would liked and shared it! So what are you waiting for?