Munchi – Vol II: Rasterinha EP (Contos Do Caderninho Verde)

MunchiMoombahton Darling Munchi comes out with new EP this time dedicated to the new genre Rasterinha wich is a mixture of Baile Funk and Reggaeton. And this 4 Track EP is a real beast !!
In his on words – “Baile Funk on Reggeton’s standard 96 BPM. I know that there were a lot of experiments that were influenced or went either all out Funk or Reggeton, but never in this way. This shit was fresh, 100% Funk and straight up all stripped down.
Baile Funk has always been a huge influence and when making Moombahton this was a crucial element in most of my tracks. Being at 108 I had to figure a way to incorporate it at that BPM. Over the past 3 years I have been making a shitload of 108 Funk rhythms, so making the step to Rasterinha on this project was a very exciting one! It felt really familiar, yet it was actual Funk instead of inspired by it.
I instantly made these tracks, but with 1 crucial difference. I wanted to make it in a way that kept that rawness of Funk. Not overpolishing it, something which I grew very tired of along the way. It made the tracks seem too “perfect” if that makes any sense. Since I use the same program as a lot of the Funkeiros out there (Acid Pro) it was really cool to explore similar production methods and experimenting with making heavier Rasterinha rhythms. Besides that I have been listening to a lot of Lo Fi and Psychedelic stuff, so you might hear that influence in the tracks too.”