Carnnibal- FANGS


A real Dancehall & Bass jewel. Available in Digital and Vinyl. Featuring Ragga Twins, collaborations from The Clerk, TwoSev, and Zee Reach. Supported by Dub Gabriel, Marcus from Do Andoids Dance and Tropicalbass.

Sah Brukout aka Carnnibal is a very elusive ‘left-field Jamaican Dancehall’ producer whose work has been described as the antithesis of Dre Skull/Major Lazer in terms of the approach to the genre.
“Fangs” is now on Sleediz Records (Digital & 7inch) available online and in specialized stores worldwide.
And Preorder the Vinyl for just 7€ !! HERE

Proof of this epic release is the opening track featuring Ragga Twins, in where you will feel the actual power of the left field dancehall, in where the bass and has a predominant role, and the riddim does not belong to the prefabricated dancehall, or grime, even dubstep approach.

what I personally like the most about carnnibal is the fact keeps bringing new sonic challenges to the dancehall & bashment scene and still eluding the media with no social machinery behind.

Second track is this bouncy Dancehall collaboration with Italian badman The Clerk

Third track is a Soca-Dancehall-Moombah Banger called hotta than hot

And even better when you buy (preorder) the vinyl most likely what will happen at your parties or place is it becomes as insane as this video

Obviously you need to have a free one
This is the one! which had the early support from Latino resiste

Some quotes for FANGS EP

-Dub Gabriel (Destroy all concepts)
«Carnnibal’s EP is Pure Raggabass/Global Bass Sound Clash, Fiya!»

-Caballo (Mad Decent/Tropical Bass)
«When you have Carnnibal teaming up with Ragga Twins, French beatmaker Zee Reach, Italian badman The Clerk, and US TwoSev in one release, you know Dancehall just got the ultimate ghetto-bass level. Watch your speakers cry bass as the ladies get grinding.»

-Marcus D. (Do Androids Dance)
« A top-notch piece of dancehall funk, certain to cause the kind of unexpected booty-dropping celebration at which the EP’s promo video hints.»

– Carlo Affatigato- Soundwall (Italy) “If you are looking for good vibrations and happy exoticism, go elsewhere: Hotta Than Hot is pure, malicious obsession, put in loop until the bass will stick into your brains.”