La revancha de Andrés Digital

Andres Digital“La revancha de Andrés Digital” is his EP number 6 and after the “Messages from outta Space” his second EP for Chiles wonderful Netlable KONN. After his last EP “Andrés Digital inna Reggae Cumbia Style Vol II” where he follows the big success of his Reggae-Cumbia mixture and the “Aventuras Colombianas” this EP is creating a Mexican Mash Up Style. The German Producer mixes Cumbia + Bass with elements of Mambo, 3ball, Tropical Bass, Moombahton, Punk, Zoukbass, Reggae and Afrocolombian Sounds. Old Melodies are meeting new Beatz, the Crossover continues.

Cumbia and Swing comes together when Disney’s King Louis is singing his Junglebook Song. Very British we celebrate a Punky-Cumbia Party with The Clash ft. Linton Kwesi Johnson and Johnny Rotten. This is really not a love song, when this guys singing bout your Rights. From Colombia we have Alfredo Gutierrez + Calixto Ochoa with the classics and Maria Mulata y su Conjunto representing Afrocolombia and finally giving some mad Cumbia Vibe to JSTJR Zouk-Bass Banger.
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La revancha de Andrés Digital (KONN 2014)
1. I wanna be like you (Andrés Digital Remix) – Louis Prima
2. Know your Rights (Andrés Digital Mashup) – The Clash ft. Linton Kwesi Johnson + John Lydon
3. Noches de Amor (Andrés Digital Remix) – Alfredo Gutierrez + Calixto Ochoa
4. Me duele el alma (Andrés Digital Remix) – Maria Mulata y su Conjunto
5. Cerveja (Andrés Digital Remix) – JSTJR

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Next Live Dates – Belgium 7.2. Bruxelles – Tales – Taxi Brousse #2 with Max le Daron and Photo Romance and 8.2. Liege – Pot au Lait with Muzika Buena.
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