ACHÉ DIGITAL- La Cosa esta que arde – (1997 45′ vinyl roots deluxe version)

ache digital

Having in mind the present social context of Venezuela, the following song could not be more appropriate.
Sadly, when you see the background, the lyrics were written almost 20 years ago. And still relevant.

Being THE pioneer. not one of; THE, as in the definite article, of the ska-ragga-latin fusion with King Chango, Blanquito Man aka Zuzuku released this 45′ vinyl roots dub charged with political message for a conflicting Venezuela.

This record, ironically, was played in African pirate ships soundsystems, but never reached Venezuelan radio.

The record made it to the pirate ship thanks to the contraband ships that arrived to Margarita Island, in where the continuous exchange of music was common between people who wanted Soca or African rhythms and those who wanted Venezuelan music.

But going back to the relevance of the song. The lyrics are so on point.
So, let’s keep my beloved Venezuela in the positive side of things.
Blanquito Man is spitting his soul on this song.

Ache Digital is a retro-futuristic album from Zuzuku & Caballo, that may only see the light when the occasion raises: Like this one.

Enjoy this 45′ !! Wake up Venezuela!